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Academic Programmes

We provide a comprehensive range of enrichment programmes. Join us to stretch your minds and potential!

  • Mind Stretcher Junior Campus

    Mind Stretcher Junior Campus
    Mind Stretcher Junior Campus is the pre-school arm of Mind Stretcher, providing quality pre-primary enrichment for all...
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  • Primary Chinese 4Cs (P3 – P6) / 小学华文4Cs (P3 – P6)

    Primary Chinese 4Cs (P3 – P6) / 小学华文4Cs (P3 – P6)
    (Composition, Comprehension, Cloze, Oral & Listening Comprehension) Through...
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  • Secondary Higher Chinese / 中学高级华文

    Secondary Higher Chinese / 中学高级华文
    Our Secondary Higher Chinese programme is a rigorous course that helps students address their knowledge...
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  • Primary Integrated Chinese (P1 – P2) / 小学综合华文 (P1 – P2)

    Primary Integrated Chinese (P1 – P2) / 小学综合华文 (P1 – P2)
    学汇乐’s fun and engaging Primary Integrated Chinese programme is designed to help students develop a strong foundation...
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Holiday Programmes

Education is not all about academics. We believe in holistic development and encourage our students to have fun exploring different areas of interest. JOIN US FOR A MIND STRETCHING BLAST OF A TIME THIS COMING HOLIDAYS!

  • Getting a Distinction for the O-Level Chinese Oral Exam O水准华文口试冲刺班

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    Learn Steps to Ace Your O-Level Chinese Oral Exams!

    学汇乐 presents a step-by-step workshop to getting a...

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  • Getting a Distinction for the O-Level Higher Chinese Oral Exam O水准高级华文口试冲刺班

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    Learn Steps to Ace Your O-Level Higher Chinese Oral Exams!

    学汇乐 presents a step-by-step workshop to getting...

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  • Einstein’s Exploration Day

    Learn Science the fun way - with experiments! 

    Mind Stretcher presents Einstein's Exploration Day this June Holidays! Explore important Science...
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  • Fun @ Junior Campus

    Discover the MS Junior Campus Experience!

    Bring your pre-schooler...
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Our value-added seminars and workshops for students and parents are what make us more than just an enrichment centre.

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  • Mind Stretcher has been an inspiration to Joel.  We would like to express our gratitude to Mr Alvin Kuek for tutoring him in P6 and Mr Steven Sim for...

    Mrs Foo

    MS @ BT

  • Our daughter is attending Science enrichment classes at Mind Stretcher. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and looks forward to attending the class every week. The teacher is extremely thorough with...

    Mr and Mrs Lim

    Parent of Pat Lim (MS @ Clementi)