Start your Year Right!

Dear Parent,

The current academic year is drawing to a close and we hope that your child has had a fulfilling experience with us thus far. We sincerely thank you for choosing Mind Stretcher as your trusted education partner, and hope that we are able to continue working hand-in-hand with you in supporting your child on his learning journey.

We would like to update you with regards to the registration procedures and other important matters in relation to the new academic year (commencing 18 November 2019):

The following are the various registration dates for Academic Year 2020:

  1. MS Students + Siblings – 14 Sep 2019 (Sat) to 27 Sep 2019 (Fri)
  • Registration opens to MS existing students & Siblings
    (All seats are subjected to availability)
  1. Public – 28 Sep 2019 (Sat) onwards
  • Registration opens to the public
    (All seats are subjected to availability)

Kindly note that seats cannot be reserved (without payment of fees and deposit).

Seats are also not registered / reserved automatically for existing students (K1 to Secondary). Phonics students will be promoted to the next level, within the same centre and same time slot.

If you cannot find a suitable time slot or wish to have a different time slot from the Centre’s AY2020 timetable, kindly leave your contact details with any of our Centres. We will contact you shortly to help you with this matter. 

CLICK HERE to download a copy of our registration form. 

To accommodate the numerous requests of parents to have a festive break during the Christmas & New Year season, we have modified our Term 1 to incorporate this “holiday period”.  

  1. Week 1 of the new Academic Year will commence from Monday, 18 November 2019.
  1. Week 5 will end on Sunday, 22 December 2019.


  1. Festive Term Break: 23 December 2019 (Mon) to, 5 January 2020 (Wed).


  1. Lessons will resume (Week 6) on Monday, 6 January 2020*.

*Due to AY2020 Chinese New Year falling on 25 Jan (Sat) and 26 Jan (Sun) 2020, classes that commence on Sat when lessons resume in Jan 2020, will start from 4 Jan (Sat) and classes that commence on Sun will start from 5 Jan (Sun) 2020.

  1. Academic Year for SEC 1 students commences from Week 6 on Monday, 6 January 2020


  1. Full Payment will be collected upon registration, this includes Registration Fee (if applicable), Deposit(s) and 1-month Course Fee. Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, NETS or PayNow only.  Please note that all payments made are non-refundable.

Waiver of Registration Fees 

  • If your child commences classes with us in Week 1 (Mon, 18 Nov 2019 – the start of our new academic year), he/she will be entitled to a waiver of registration fees worth $53.50. 
  • Applicable to both MS Students and Non-MS Students

Bundle Subject Discounts 

  • Sign up for more than 1 course by 31 Jan 2019 to enjoy special bundled prices. 

*Not applicable to our specialised courses such as our P1-P3 GEP Prep Lab courses. Do kindly note that other discounts & vouchers are not valid with promotions & offers unless stated otherwise.

Exclusive Discount for Mater Speakers Programme

  • $200 discount off the list price of Master Speakers Programme 
  • Available for the following:
    • First 300 students &
    • Students who sign up for our classes from Week 1

Discounts and Vouchers

  • Kindly note that discounts and vouchers are not valid with promotions or offers unless otherwise stated.

The Time Tables for AY2020 can be found here. To cater to request of parents and students, the time table and schedule for each Centre is subjected to changes without notice and these updates will be highlighted in the website.

MS Junior Campus Programmes (Pre-School)

  • English Phonics & Reading
  • P1 English & Mathematics Prep (for K1 pupils)
  • P1 English & Mathematics Prep (for K2 pupils)
  • P1 Chinese Prep (for K1 pupils)
  • P1 Chinese Prep (for K2 pupils)

MS Primary Programmes

  • P1 – P6 English (Achiever)
  • P2 & P3 English (High Achiever)
  • P4 – P6 English (GEP/High Achiever)
  • P1 – P6 Mathematics (Achiever)
  • P2 & P3 Mathematics (High Achiever)
  • P4 – P6 Mathematics (GEP/High Achiever)
  • P4 – P6 Step Up Maths (for students who wish to focus on their basic Maths foundation)
  • P3 Science
  • P4 – P6 Science (Achiever)
  • P4 – P6 Science (GEP/High Achiever)
  • P1 – P4 Creative Writer’s Toolbox
  • P5 & P6 Creative Writer’s Toolbox (Achiever)
  • P5 & P6 Creative Writer’s Toolbox (GEP/High Achiever)
  • P1 & P2 GEP Prep Lab (English & Mathematics)
  • P3 GEP Prep Lab (English)
  • P3 GEP Prep Lab (Mathematics)

Xue Hui Le (学汇乐)Primary Chinese Programmes

  • P1 – P3 Integrated Chinese
  • P4 – P6 Chinese 4Cs (Composition, Comprehension, Cloze, Oral & Listening Comprehension)
  • P4 – P6 Higher Chinese 4Cs (Composition, Comprehension, Cloze, Oral & Listening Comprehension)

MS Secondary Programmes

  • Sec 1 & 2 IP English Workshop Series
  • Sec 1 – O-Level English
  • Sec 1 – O-level Oral Exam Workshops
  • Sec 1 & 2 IP Mathematics Workshop Series
  • Sec 1 – O-Level Mathematics
  • Sec 3 & O-Level Additional Mathematics
  • Sec 1 & 2 Science
  • Sec 1 & 2 Science Mastery Workshop Series
  • Sec 3 Science (Physics) ~ for ‘Combined Science’ students
  • Sec 3 Science (Chemistry) ~ for ‘Combined Science’ students
  • Sec 3 & O-Level (Pure Physics)
  • Sec 3 & O-Level (Pure Chemistry)

Xue Hui Le (学汇乐) Secondary Chinese Programmes

  • Sec 1 – O-Level Chinese
  • Sec 1 – O-Level Higher Chinese 
    ~ for IP students/O-Level students who take Higher Chinese

Master Speakers is a Public Speaking & Effective Communication Class where students will be graded & certified by Trinity College London. This is a skill that is very important and relevant for the following:

  1. CCA leadership positions, Confidence building 
  2. Scholarship interviews, DSA interviews
  3. Class/Public speeches or presentations
  4. Project work in schools
  5. Oral Exams (in Primary & Secondary)  
  6. Speaking-related CCAs (eg Debating)

It is also an overall improvement in the English Language & general knowledge as part of the training will involve dissection, analysis and presentation of English content across a wide array of topics. After the end of the Master Speakers Programme, all students will sit for the graded certification exams Grades (1 – 8) conducted by Trinity College London. Students who have taken Grades 6 – 8 will be eligible for UCAS (Universities & Colleges Admission Service) points for their future application to various colleges & universities. Depending on their certification level, and whether students have a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade, these UCAS points for admission can range from 8 points to 30 points.    

Core team for Master Speakers:

All our core team members are educators at heart and they are also high scorers in the “Professional Certification in Communications’ (Level 3 – the highest level) awarded by Trinity College London.

The mentor consultant/Co-Writer of the Master Speakers Programme is Ms Mary Ann Tear, a senior examiner and trainer for Trinity College London, as well as a British Federation adjudicator, choreographer, director and performing arts lecturer and practitioner. She is now based in Singapore as the SEA Drama and Performance Consultant for Trinity College London whilst still perusing her examining , lecturing, and adjudicating roles. Her work has taken her to Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Bermuda, as well as Europe and the UK.