MS Play ‘n’ Learn Carnival

Limitless Learning, Unlimited Fun!

Welcome to MS Play ‘n’ Learn Carnival 2017, where parents and children can come to compete in fun games and stand to win attractive prizes! Spend a day with us at MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction and get to learn more about your child’s education journey with our complimentary academic consultation sessions or simply soak in the carnival fun and food. Fresh popcorn, funky animal balloons and more await you while having insightful conversations with our academic specialists, who are ready to answer any academic-related questions that you may have.

Come join us at Tampines Junction on 4 Nov, 10 am to 6 pm!

Pit your subject-based skills against other Parent-Child Teams!

Take part in exciting games designed by our English, Maths, Science as well as 学汇乐 Curriculum Specialists and stand to win prizes worth more than $1400! Team up with your child to pit your skills and teamwork abilities against the other parent-child teams. Scroll down to find out more about our competitions for each subject.


Picture This! 
Time: 10 am – 10.40 am
Venue: Room 17
 PLAY: Team up with your child for an acting challenge you won’t forget! As a team, use your bodies to tell a unique story to an audience within a limited time.
 LEARN: Develop communication and drama skills while bonding with your child.

Eventbrite - Picture This! (MS Play 'n' Learn Carnival 2017, English Competition)


Escape Room – Code Breakers! 
Time: 11 am – 11.40 am
Venue: Room 17
 PLAY: Can your team crack the codes in our Escape Room? Mind-boggling puzzles will push your logic and reasoning skills to the limit!
 LEARN: Strengthen your child’s love for Maths through a series of challenges that also hones his/her kinesthetic, visual and communication skills!

Eventbrite - Escape Room - Code Breakers! (MS Play 'n' Learn 2017, Maths Competition)


Terrific Terrariums! 
Time: 3 pm – 3.40 pm
Venue: Room 17
 PLAY: Get your hands dirty and design your own customised terrarium to take home! The team with the most creative terrarium wins.
 LEARN: Building a terrarium teaches your child Science concepts related to the Water Cycle, Photosynthesis and Global Warming.

Eventbrite - Terrific Terrariums (Science Competition)


Karaoke Spelling Bee 卡拉OK听写大赛
Time: 2 pm – 2.40 pm
Venue: Room 20
 PLAY: Complete the lyrics of popular Chinese songs with your child in our Karaoke Spelling Bee! Our Chinese sing-along makes learning Chinese fun and easy!
 LEARN: Practice writing Chinese characters with speed and accuracy while bonding with your child.

Chinese Rojak 华文罗惹
Time: 2 pm – 2.40 pm
Venue: Room 20
 PLAY: You’ll need fast reflexes to win in our online Chinese MCQ competition! Use your smartphone to answer MCQ about local Chinese language and culture.
 LEARN: Learning Chinese with fun, interactive games will build your child’s confidence while teaching them local Chinese expressions.

Eventbrite - Karaoke Spelling Bee 卡拉OK听写大赛 (OH 2017, Chinese Competition – Part 1)

Fun-filled educational activities from N1 to Sec 4!

Take part in our fun-filled educational activities that will be happening throughout the day from 10 am to 4 pm. Click on the subjects below for more information about each activity. No sign-up is required, simply register on the event day and enjoy the fun.

Click on the subjects below for more details about the activities.





Mind Stretcher Junior Campus

English Activities

Unspeakable Fun!

Timings: 11 am – 11:40 am (Run 1)  2 pm – 2:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 26

PLAY: Test your vocabulary in our fast-paced creative word game: Taboo! The quickest wit and sharpest minds will be stretched to the max in a fun-filled game show setting.

LEARN: Stretch your creative wit and vocabulary by describing words in new and unusual ways. The time element encourages clear communication skills and quick thinking.

Build it! Show it! Say it!

Timing: 12 pm – 12:40 pm (Run 1)  3 pm – 3:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 26

PLAY: Show off your creativity with our Lego Show and Tell! Build the most innovative structure you can and present it to the world.

LEARN: Practise public speaking, presentation, and problem-solving skills. Stretch your creativity!

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Maths Activities

Maths Arcade – Master of Operations

Timing: 10 am – 10:40 am (Run 1), 2 pm – 2:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 24

PLAY: Enjoy a wide variety of exciting station games that will test your critical and creative thinking skills!

LEARN: Be an expert in solving Maths equations by mastering the 4 basic Maths operations through fun-filled activities.

All about the Shapes!

Timing: 12 pm – 12:40 pm (Run 1), 3 pm – 3:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 24

PLAY: Create amazing 3D models of famous structures and quirky optical illusions using everyday materials.

LEARN: Sharpen your visual perception and motor skills through hands-on activities.

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Science Activities

That Sinking Feeling

Timing: 10 am – 10:40 am (Run 1), 12 pm – 12:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 23

PLAY: Will your boat float? Try your hand at building a boat that can hold the most weight in a basin of water without sinking.

LEARN: Sharpen your child’s observational skills with this hands-on activity.

The Heat is On

Timing: 11 am – 11:40 am (Run 1), 2 pm – 2:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 23

PLAY: Use simple household materials to conduct exciting experiments about heat gain and heat loss.

LEARN: Learn about heat transfer and conductors of heat through hands-on learning which you won’t get to experience in school!

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学汇乐 Activities

Chinese Character Buffet 华文自助餐

Timing: 10 am – 10:40 am (Run 1), 12 pm – 12:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 20

PLAY: Get ready for an all-you-can-“eat” Chinese character feast! Build Chinese characters using “appetisers” (Pictures/Words), a “main course” (Chinese character parts), and “dessert” (HanYu PinYin vowels and consonants).

LEARN: Recognise and combine various parts of Chinese words using pictures, Chinese characters, HanYu PinYin and English translation.

Chinese Idioms Marketplace 成语巴刹

Timing: 11 am – 11:40 am (Run 1), 3 pm – 3:40 pm (Run 2)

Venue: Room 20

PLAY: Buy, Trade and Sell Chinese characters to form Chinese idioms at our “marketplace”!

LEARN: Remember Chinese idioms effectively by combining Chinese characters in this fun business game.

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Mind Stretcher Junior Campus


Engaging Activities and Sensory Play for Your Pre-schooler! (Parent-Child Activities)

Time: 10 am – 4 pm (Hourly interval starting from 10 am)

Storytelling without a Book   

Venue: Story Room

PLAY: Join our interactive storytelling session and learn how to bring stories to life through music, games and origami art… without the use of a book.

LEARN: Your child will develop his/her language and literacy skills, gain confidence and learn how to work as a team through this activity. Parents will also learn various approaches to do story-telling at home.


Are you Afraid of the Dark?                                       

Venue: Dark Room

PLAY: A sensory adventure is waiting for you and your child when the lights go out! Explore your five senses, build your courage, and overcome your fear of the dark!

LEARN: Enhance your child’s listening skills, build his/her ability to concentrate as well as the courage to try out new things. Your child will also explore the scientific concept of light and shadow.

Let’s Do it Together!  

Venue: Art & Craft Room

PLAY: Unlock your child’s creativity with this hands-on activity! Create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork with your child using our eco-friendly materials you get to take home.

LEARN: Enjoy bonding with your child while coming up with unique designs! The use of recycled materials in the activity will teach your child how to take care of our planet.


Books Alive!  

Venue: Consultation Room

PLAY: Books come to life with our Reading Oceans online library! Develop your child’s love for reading with our huge digital library of books for all ages.

LEARN: Your child will be encouraged to read more as they gain confidence while reading books that match their reading level. Enjoying interactive books on their tablets and computers will enhance their vocabulary skills and make reading a lifelong habit!


Let’s Move It!  

Venue: Main Lobby of Level 1

PLAY: Let’s get moving! Don’t miss out on our high-energy outdoor games like Hawaiian hula dancing, hopscotch, painting and so much more!

BENEFIT: Build your child’s social skills through interactive games and group activities.

1-1 Complimentary Academic Subjects Consultation for Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary Students – 15 minutes

(i) Primary /Secondary English
(ii) Primary /Secondary Mathematics
(iii) Primary/Secondary Science
(iv) Primary /Secondary Chinese
(v) Pre-primary English, Mathematics and Chinese (No registration required, find out more at the event!)


Why do I need the consultation?
“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see so that you can be who you have always known you could be.” – Tom Landry

A consultation with our in-house curriculum team of academic experts helps your child to identify the learning gaps that many students are unable to identify and process. All our curriculum experts are ex-MOE teachers who have vast years of teaching experiences.

This important session allows both parent and child to identify how they are better able to plan the educational journey ahead and work on any areas for improvement.

With a better understanding of your child’s learning gaps and by attending a few seminars at our Open Houses, both parents and children will be more prepared to conquer the year 2017!


What will I get?
Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive:

• 15 minutes of 1-to-1 consultation for a subject of your choice (Pre-primary subjects, Primary/ Secondary English, Primary/ Secondary Mathematics, Primary/Secondary Chinese or Primary/Secondary Science)
• Personalised coaching to identify weaknesses and learning gaps by analysing your child’s previous examination papers


What should I bring?
• Please bring along your examination or test papers so that our teams of curriculum experts are better able to assist you in the consultation


How can I sign-up?
• Pre-register at any MS Centre or email to any Mind Stretcher centres with the following format:

Name of Parent:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Name of Child:
Primary or Secondary or Pre-primary:
Preferred time slots:
Subject/s Required for Consultation:


Slots are limited so book now below to avoid disappointment.

Book an appointment with Mind Stretcher Education using SetMore

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WHEN and WHERE will our CARNIVAL be held?

Mind Stretcher East Campus

Join us for a day of Play ‘n’ Learn!
We have the Carnival just for you!

Date: 4 November 2017 (Sat)
Time: 10 am – 6 pm

Address: MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction
300 Tampines Avenue 5
#09-03/04, #01-02A
Singapore 529653

Contact: 67810030 / 67810080