I scored A1 for O-Level English after joining Mind Stretcher

Before I enrolled in Mind Stretcher in Sec 3, I was doing badly in my common tests exams. I was getting around C6 or near failure for my English. But now I've gotten A1 in 'O' levels and I can see that I've made steady progress throughout my 2 years in Mind Stretcher.

Subramanian Karthikeyan, Bendemeer Secondary School, Scored 8As in 2018 GCE O-Level

English (Secondary 4)

Failing or barely passing before joining Mind Stretcher

I think the Maths programme at Mind Stretcher has helped me gain more confidence because when I first joined Mind Stretcher, I was failing my Maths or barely passing. The notes given, supported me [in my studies] and every time I did not know how to do something, I could always ask my [Mind Stretcher] Teacher - Mdm Teo. On top of that, I could always refer to the notes given by Mind Stretcher. The Maths practice [papers] in class helped boost my confidence as well.

Soh Yan Xi, Bukit Panjang Primary School, Scored 260 in 2018 PSLE

Mathematics (Primary 6)

Practice questions in Mind Stretcher are similar to that of the PSLE

There were some elements in the [PSLE] questions that were similar to the questions that I encountered in Mind Stretcher lessons. I think that was extremely helpful because of familiarisation with the questions tested in the PSLE. It gave me a head start. For example, in Synthesis & Transformation for the English Paper, they were testing a few questions repetitively throughout the year. So I knew and expected that. True enough, it came out in the PSLE last year.

Ayush Tiwari, Changkat Primary School, Scored 277 in 2018 PSLE

Writer's Tool Box (Primary 6)

Wide exposure to English Phrases and Vocabulary

The thing I find best about Mind Stretcher English is that it exposes me to a wider plethora of English phrases that I can use in Compositions. Moreover, they provide us with a lot of resources that really helped me for my Paper 2 in the PSLE.

Kang Taeyung, Bukit Timah Primary School, Scored 277 in 2018 PSLE

English and Writer's Tool Box (Primary 6)

Primary 3 (Science)

We were contemplating registering my child for this class as we felt that it might be a good course to start off with when learning new concepts in school. The customer service staff at the front desk highly recommended Mr Farhan's class and described him as a very gentle, approachable and passionate teacher. However, my daughter did not enroll in the Science classes till January 2018. It was pure coincidence that we managed to enroll her into Mr Farhan's class. From conversations I have had with my daughter, I understand that learning Science is definitely not a straightforward task. I am glad to know that Mr Farhan approaches teaching with a open mind and allows discussions within the class whenever there are disagreements about answers and strategies. I am also very touched by his sincerity and passion to teach as you don't always find  a tutor who would have the extra time to speak to parents, furthermore one who has the patience to explain to us about our child's progress. Mr Farhan definitely deserves commendation for his good work. I strongly believe that Mr Farhan's experience and expertise in teaching Science would help improve my child's grasp of the subject by leaps and bounds. Way to go, Mr Farhan!

Annie Ang

MS Clementi

MS Creative Writer’s Toolbox

I would like to convey my thanks to Miss Rachel for her patience, guidance and care given to my son Eu Jin in the many months that he has been in her class. Miss Rachel has always been so reassuring and encouraging towards my son. In addition, I am very sure that her teaching techniques, emotional support, dedication and commitment are the reasons for my son's enthusiasm in attending classes at Mind Stretcher, as well as for his good results so far in writing tests. I would definitely recommend Mind Stretcher's Writer Toolbox classes, especially with awesome teachers like Miss Rachel helming them!

Ping Ping (Mother of Gan Eu Jin)

MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction

Success in PSLE

The MS Creative Writer's Toolbox programme was very important towards my success in the PSLE. By attending these classes, I am provided with ample words and phrases that I can use in my compositions. I also feel that my vocabulary and grammar skills have improved greatly as well. Before I attended MS classes, I did not take the effort to remember words and phrases as I felt that it would not help me to improve my grades. However, I soon realised my mistake when I did not have access to my notes of these important words and phrases in school examinations. The teachers at MS also make learning fun. Often, the teacher would organise debates in class with us arguing for and against the case. In one particularly memorable debate, I recalled myself providing arguments against the case. I enjoyed myself greatly and won the debate.

PSLE top scorer female interview Wendy Wen Chenghong, Top Mind Stretcher Student: PSLE score 280 (Gongshan Primary school; Raffles Girls School)

MS Creative Writer's Toolbox

Maths and Writers Toolbox

Last year, my daughter Mirdhini Shri Rajaram took the class in Mind Stretcher Bishan for Maths and Writers Toolbox. She achieved great results for her PSLE and I would like to give special thanks to Mrs Singh and Mrs Shum for teaching and helping Mirdhini to achieve this score. Mirdhini joined to Mrs Singh class on Primary 5. Mrs Singh monitored her and gave us the feedback that she was not writing all the steps. She also insisted her to write all the steps for the problem sums and helped her to develop the habit of checking all the steps before going to the next sum. Thanks a lot Mrs Singh for your help and your patience in inculcating the habit of writing down the steps and it has contributed in her scoring A* for her Maths. Mirdhini joined Mrs Shum Hui class in March/April only. Within the short time, Mrs Shum developed her a lot. Mirdhini has the habit of writing lot for her composition and then she will go out of point soon. Mrs Shum guided on this point and helped her to achieve A for English in her PSLE results. She also guided her in applying the appropriate vocabulary for her composition. Mirdhini enjoyed the both of the classes and thank you very much for guiding her. Both of her teachers gave her confidence and helped her to prepare for the exam.

MS @ Bishan

Primary 6 (English & Science)

I want to thank Ms Grace and Ms Meili for their patience, guidance and professionalism given to my daughter. The last few months proceeding to the PSLE exams were filled with weekly intensive revision and both Ms Grace and Ms Meili were always so reassuring and encouraging to my daughter as well as to me. I am very sure their teaching techniques, emotional support, dedication and commitment have, in no small way, contributed to my daughter's excellent academic performance at the 2016 PSLE exams. All your staff at the Katong 112 outlet have helped my daughter one way or another to mature to what she is right now. The dedication given by your very passionate and motivated teachers and staff at Katong 112 has truly convinced me that Mind Stretcher is indeed one of the very best enrichment centre in Singapore.

Mrs Gan

Ms Grace and Ms Meili & Staff of Katong (MS @ Katong)

Mrs Gan for Teacher Rachel (MS @ Katong)

Teacher Rachel has always been so reassuring and encouraging towards my son. In addition, I am very sure her teaching techniques, emotional support, dedication and commitment had, in no small way, contributed to my son's enthusiasm in attending classes at Mind Stretcher as well as his good results so far in writing tests. Please convey my thanks to Teacher Rachel and I will definitely recommend Mind Stretcher for their Writer Toolbox classes and especially with awesome teachers like Teacher Rachel helming them!

Mrs Gan

Teacher Rachel (MS @ Katong)

Primary 3 (GEP Prep)

My daughter who had weekly GEP preparatory Lab sessions in 2015 from MS Katong and 2016 lessons from Mind Stretcher Tampines had cleared the 2nd round GEP exam . Once again would like to convey my sincere thanks to MS Katong and Tampines Teachers, MS management and MS Staff who provided a wonderful environment and opportunity to nurture her academic and general abilities. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you. Am sure this achievement would be a first stepping stone for her future.

Mr Nara

MS @ Katong & East Campus

Primary 6 (English HA)

As my child was weak in Oral and I was so worried for her upcoming PSLE, he (Mr Ali) had offered to help her and stayed back after his lessons for 3 consecutive Sundays. We are very grateful and thankful to him for sacrificing his time for my child. We are also very fortunate to have such a nice, responsible and passionate teacher.

Mrs Ong

Mr Ali (teacher) - MS @ Bishan

Exam Strategies – Tackling Synthesis & Transformation Workshop

“The teacher explained clearly and I could follow through the exercises conducted in this workshop.”  

Muhd Asyran Muttaqin Bin Rofirozeli, P5, Fengshan Primary School

Improvement in Chinese Comprehension

Hong Xiang has shown improvement in his Chinese comprehension by applying the skills he learned from the centre's teacher (Dr Wang). He is also more confident in solving and answering these questions. He is more committed to mastering the subject.

Mrs Ng, mother of Ng Hong Xiang

Improvement in Chinese Comprehension

MS English Seminars

"MS English seminars are awesome!  My standard of English improved tremendously after i joined Mind Stretcher at the end of P5.  I scored at A* for English at the PSLE.  Thank you Mind Stretcher!"

Qin Hai Yi

PSLE T-score 267, NYPS (GEP)

P6-ACS (GEP) Abram

Abram [P6-ACS (GEP)] has been studying at Mind Stretcher since enrolling in the P3 English / Maths For Gifted Kids (GEP Prep Lab) 4 years ago.  We have MS to thank for the interest and concern to pursue excellent results and the dedications of the teachers. With your support, we as parents have found a good partner to nurture our child to his best, not only in academic but also responsibly to society and nation. Thank you Mind Stretcher and teachers.

Mr Laurent Chan

MS @ Katong & MS @ Bishan

Three kids at MS

I have three kids who have all benefited from the Mind stretcher programmes. My eldest boy,Rafeeq has successfully completed his PSLE this year. He scored 4 A* with an aggregate of 267. Getting into RI has always been his dream (& of course ours as well).  I have attended a couple of Mind Stretcher's talks such as the DSA prep and the recent P3 GEP prep talks. I am totally impressed with the depth of your knowledge (Mr Alvin Kuek) and I must agree that you are very eloquent. I have always dreamt of seeing my son being someone like you. If you ever conduct a course in public speaking I will definitely register my son!

Mdm Susie Tan

MS @ Clementi

Top in School

I studied in your centre from 2010 to 2012. I had a T-Score of 265 for the PLSE with  4 A* .  I am ranked 1st in Anderson Primary School I have joined National Junior College through the DSA. This success cannot be achieved without Mind Stretcher! Thanks for your tuition service and for guiding me all this while!

Chinnadurai Thangavelu

Thank you for inspiring

Mind Stretcher has been an inspiration to Joel.  We would like to express our gratitude to Mr Alvin Kuek for tutoring him in P6 and Mr Steven Sim for tutoring him in S1.  Joel has done very well in HCI final year exams this year - he scored 10A1s.  Special thanks to Mr Kuek for being an inspiration to him and for giving him practical relevant tips on excelling in his studies.  Thank you!

Mrs Foo


Thank you

Alden (P6 - MS @ Bukit Panjang / Nanyang Primary Sch) did very well for his PSLE.  We would like to thank you for your consistent trust and encouragement. Though he had been with the centre for less than a year, we could see that he enjoyed the English lessons tremendously.  His huge improvement in English contributed greatly to his emerging as one of the top GEP students in his cohort for the PSLE.  Thank you for making the difference!

Mrs Tan

MS @ Bukit Panjang

Value-added seminars and workshops…

What we like about Mind Stretcher are not only its academic programmes. We always look forward to its value-added seminars and workshops on various aspects of education. You need only attend one of their seminars to realise why they are always full; Mind Stretcher people really know their stuff.

Mr and Mrs Tan

Parent of Roger Tan (MS Hougang)

Pleased to see the growth and development…

I’m so pleased to see the growth and development in my daughter in terms of her composition-writing skills ever since she joined Mind Stretcher’s Writing Toolbox programme. Her grades have improved tremendously and I would like to credit Mind Stretcher and her teachers for their help.

Rose Aidil

Parent of Aishah Nor (MS @ Pasir Ris)

Helped me understand concepts better…

Dear Mind Stretcher,  thank you for coaching me to do better in Science. The practical experiments really helped me understand the concepts better. Also, I love the Science subject file with the cute mascots and the revamped foolscap paper!

Nabindu Anand

MS @ Tampines

Very positive and wonderful learning experience…

Our daughter is attending Science enrichment classes at Mind Stretcher. She thoroughly enjoys her lessons and looks forward to attending the class every week. The teacher is extremely thorough with his explanation of the course content and the corrections for the assignments to ensure the entire class understands what he has taught. Indeed, it has been a very positive and wonderful learning experience for our daughter, Pat.

Mr and Mrs Lim

Parent of Pat Lim (MS @ Clementi)

So much easier to learn Chinese…

It is so much easier to learn Chinese using Mind Stretcher (Xuehuile) worksheets. Everything is explained so clearly and thoroughly it has now become a subject I enjoy. Chinese used to be my weakest subject, but not anymore! Also, the teachers and staff are all so friendly.

Duncan Kee

MS @ Tampines