6 Nov 2021

Dear Parent

Updates on AY 2022 MS Week 1 (15 – 21 Nov) Lessons under the Stabilisation Phase

We sincerely look forward to welcoming your child to a new Academic Year (AY) 2022 with us! To new students who have joined us in AY2022, a warm welcome to the Mind Stretcher family!

Under the current Stabilisation Phase, which has been extended till 21 Nov 2021, MOE has strongly encouraged tuition and enrichment centres to conduct their lessons online. As such, kindly be reminded that all lessons for MS Week 1 (15 – 21 Nov) of our 2022 Academic Year will be conducted online. This will apply to all our Pre-School (except Phonics & Reading), Primary & Secondary school students.

Kindly take note of the following important information.

1. Online Lessons

All online classes will be conducted via Zoom, at the same timing as your child’s physical class(es). Links to your online class(es) will be sent to you via email at least a day before the class. Do download or update to the latest version of Zoom ( for ease of access to our online class(es).

For a complete guide on our Online Lessons, do refer to

2. Collection of worksheets

To minimise the need to collect the worksheets weekly at our centre, you will be able to collect the worksheets for MS Week 1 & 2 at our centres. If physical lessons can be resumed from 22 Nov (MS Week 2), do remind your child to bring back the worksheets to class.

Kindly make arrangements to collect the worksheets for the coming lessons from the respective MS Centres where your child is attending class(es). For better crowd control, do make an appointment with us @

3. Submission of Assignment for Marking

Do remember to submit your child’s worksheets to his/her teacher for marking, either via the Mind Stretcher Communications App (available from Week 1, 15 Nov 2021) or email within 2 days from attending the lessons. For more information on how to scan and submit your homework, check out

4. Pre-Recorded Lesson Videos on MS e-Study Buddy

Your child can make use of our MS e-Study Buddy platform ( to watch our pre-recorded lesson videos to recap and reinforce his/her learning. These videos also serve as ‘makeup lessons’ for students who have missed any lessons.

5. Phonics & Reading Classes

Given the relative difficulty of conducting online Phonics & Reading classes, lessons will be suspended until the situation stabilises. We will keep you informed once physical lessons can be resumed.

Stay Connected with us – Mind Stretcher Communications App
(Available from Week 1, 15 Nov 2021)

We will be sharing important announcements and latest updates on your child’s class(es) regularly via the Mind Stretcher Communications app.

If you have not done so, do download the app onto your phone to stay connected with us. To download, click on either links: iOS | Android or scan the QR Code below. (The password has been emailed to you earlier, you may also request them from the respective MS Centre that your child is studying at.)

(Note: For students who have been with us in AY2021, we are currently in the process of upgrading the app, you will be able to continue accessing it from Week 1, 15 Nov 2021.)

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Partnering You and Your Child in His/Her Educational Journey

Regardless of the COVID-19 development in Singapore, we strive to continue working hand-in-hand with you and your child to ensure that learning continues to take place without disruption.

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