Power Up for the 2018 PSLE Bootcamp: Why Consolidation of Learning is Important

09 May 2018

Consolidation refers to a point in learning where new materials, ideas, processes or strategies are being reinforced. Consolidation can be done at the end of every lesson, with a broader review conducted much later along the timeline of learning – perhaps, just before the end of each term. It can be considered a guided revision, where the teacher assesses students’ learning in order to plan for the most effective follow-up lessons. Such a form of guided revision is definitely necessary when your child is preparing for the PSLE.


Score-grabbing strategies for Chinese Language being reinforced by Dr Wang Hao Shu, HOD for Chinese Language at Mind Stretcher’s PSLE Power Up 2017.


Often, during such PSLE revision lessons, children are given the chance to test their newly acquired skills or knowledge. Consolidation can also be paired with various modes of assessment to assess how much learning has taken place. Examples of assessment would range from homework to common tests to quizzes. In addition to helping  children to retain information, reinforce and apply it, consolidation is also an opportunity to ask questions and clarify issues.

Miss Yimon Htun, a Science Curriculum Specialist, addressing a student’s queries during the Power Up for Science 2017 session.


Although most schools conduct intensive revision for their students prior to the PSLE, they might not take the same approach towards consolidation as Mind Stretcher does in the annual Signature Event — Power Up for PSLE 2018. It is a bootcamp designed to consolidate learning, as well as provide your child with an edge ahead of his peers with strategies and tips for scoring those crucial extra marks in every subject that will make a difference in the PSLE T-score.

Students engaged and eagerly penning down tips and strategies from our subject specialists and facilitators.


Last year’s PSLE Power Up Bootcamp saw a massive turnup of 527 students daily, over the course of four days. The result? 512 of Mind Stretcher’s students scored at least 250 for their 2017 PSLE results, with our top student scoring an outstanding T-score of 285!

A massive crowd of 527 participants attended the PSLE Power Up 2017 for four days.


Limited seats left!


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