Neologism in English & Chinese 说说英语和华语的新鲜词

18 Jan 2018

In the recent years, many new words have been adopted into common use in the English and Chinese languages. Some of them have even entered official use and been featured in international media. Let’s take a look at these interesting new terms!


Neologism in English & Chinese
The daily news broadcasts are a great source of words and phrases for students.

The Oxford Dictionary adds new English words to its list every year. The left-most column in the table below features some of the more recent ones. Do you know what they mean and their Chinese translations?


Now, let’s see how good you are with new Chinese terms featured in the media. Do the words in the table sound familiar to you?


Keep up with current trends by understanding the latest lingo! It’ll come in handy whether you’re reading, listening, writing or speaking.


Neologism in English & Chinese 说说英语和华语的新鲜词
Expand your vocabulary for compositions by paying more attention to the words and phrases used by news broadcasters and the media.



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