4 Quick Tips to Improve Writing

11 May 2018

As technology advances along with modern times, parents are slowly getting accustomed to the idea of equipping their kids...

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Power Up for the 2018 PSLE Bootcamp: Why Consolidation of Learning is Important

09 May 2018

Consolidation refers to a point in learning where new materials, ideas, processes or strategies are being reinforced. Consolidation can be...

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3 Bad Habits That Are Causing You To Lose Unnecessary Marks In O-Level Chinese Comprehension – O水准阅读理解让你丢分的三个坏习惯

27 Apr 2018

O水准华文阅读理解,是丢分的重灾区,也是优等生脱颖而出的福地。也许你不信,对于许多考生,丢分与失分,就是一线之隔 ...

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Benefits of Speech and Drama Education for your child

21 Mar 2018

Apart from being fun and entertaining activity, taking part in Speech and Drama classes actually have long-lasting benefits for your...

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5 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Child to Read

16 Mar 2018

Reading is not only the best way to enhance one’s learning of language, but also enhances your child’s general knowledge...

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The Importance of a Strong Foundation and Continuity – the Mind Stretcher Achievement Awards 2018

14 Mar 2018

“To succeed, you will soon learn, as I did, the importance of a solid foundation in the basics of education...

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3 Easy Steps to Mastering the Mother Tongue Language – 帮孩子学好华语的三个好方法

07 Mar 2018


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6 Reasons Why The Arts Can Make Your Child Smarter

06 Mar 2018

With the vibrant arts scene developing rapidly in Singapore ever since the establishment of the Esplanade and the rise of...

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5 Brain Foods to Give Your Child’s Brain a Boost!

23 Feb 2018

Eating well doesn’t just boost strength – the nutrients in food are also excellent fuel for the brain. Scientists in...

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锻炼“说华语的嘴巴” Give your mouth a “Work out” – Speaking the Mother Tongue Language fluently

21 Feb 2018


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5 Ways to Show Your Children that You Love Them

12 Feb 2018

It is common for some parents to wish that their children are a little better than who they are now...

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5 Tips That Will Make You A Good Chinese New Year Guest

06 Feb 2018

Have you always stuck out like a sore thumb during festive gatherings? Work your magic during this festive period by...

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5 Signs that your child has a GREAT teacher

02 Feb 2018

You would have heard people saying before that “Teaching is a noble career” and that it “requires a lot of...

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10 Easy Ways to Improve your Brain Function

26 Jan 2018

Our brains are extremely powerful – they’ve been responsible for the greatest inventions throughout human history. Astoundingly, we only use...

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Help Your Child Achieve Success Through Modelling

23 Jan 2018

All children need instruction, but some children need substantial amounts of truly high-quality teaching to learn to read and write...

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Neologism in English & Chinese 说说英语和华语的新鲜词

18 Jan 2018

In the recent years, many new words have been adopted into common use in the English and Chinese languages. Some...

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The Importance of Sleep for Learning

16 Jan 2018

We all know how important it is to have sufficient sleep, but sometimes on our busy days (that stretch to...

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Funny Puns, Punny Fun!

12 Jan 2018

What did the grape say when it was crushed? Nothing! It just let out a little wine...

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New Year, New Habits – 6 tips to start the year right !

08 Jan 2018

STARTING THE YEAR ON THE RIGHT NOTE A new year is equivalent to a new chapter in a young child’s...

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2018 New Year’s Resolution

04 Jan 2018

What do the Babylonians, ancient Egyptians, Julius Caesar and us have in common?

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Christmas Song Quiz

21 Dec 2017

Here are 10 Christmas Songs to enjoy this festive season! Can you guess the missing words in these popular Christmas...

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5 Ways To Engage Your Child Other Than an iPad & other mobile devices

15 Dec 2017

Has your child become addicted to your iPad & other mobile devices? Technology has become a digital pacifier for many parents...

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How Airplanes Fly

04 Dec 2017

It is not hard to see what helps certain things fly. We see birds flapping their wings while they are...

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Real X-Men

01 Dec 2017

Those familiar with the X-Men movies will know they are a team of mutant superheroes committed to using their superpowers for the benefit of humanity, even though normal humans shun them as freaks...

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The X Factor

01 Dec 2017

Why is letter “X” is the default choice when you need to represent an unknown variable in Algebra, out of...

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Things to do with your child this school holiday

24 Nov 2017

The year-end school holidays are here! What better way to spend it than to head out and have some quality...

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The Importance of Play for a Pre-Schooler

17 Nov 2017

Every parent wants their child to be an academic success, but what if they lack the basic life skills necessary to cope with social interactions and challenge...

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Mother Tongue-Tied

14 Nov 2017

The dictionary defines ‘Mother Tongue’ as the language which a person has grown up speaking from early childhood. What language...

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More things to do with your child during the school holidays

06 Nov 2017

As a busy working parent, even time-off work can feel like utter chaos, rushing from place to place to bring your kids to his or her next holiday class or weekly sports activity...

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Prodigious Prodigies

06 Nov 2017

Have you met a child prodigy with a phenomenal intellect or an exceptional talent that sets them apart from the masses...

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The Science of Emotions in Social Media

06 Nov 2017

In 2012, Facebook - the largest Social Media platform in the world with 1.23 billion active users, decided to conduct a research to study the spread of emotions through online social networks...

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Singapore’s Very Own Urban Legends

31 Oct 2017

Heard of the story of Kuchisake-Onna, also known as the slit-mouthed woman? This vengeful character roams the streets of Japan donning a surgical mask...

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5 common mistakes that cost your child many marks in Maths

24 Oct 2017

Over the years, Maths teachers have seen how precious marks have been lost due to careless mistakes. Students drop in a band grade or get a result that they feel they did not deserve...

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The Science of Sleep

17 Oct 2017

Why do children find it so hard to wake up early? To find out, we’ve first got to examine our body...

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How to support your child during the exam period

09 Oct 2017

Many students often dread this period when a year's worth of curriculum has to be crammed into their brains...

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How Do You Study? Let Us Count The Ways…

09 Oct 2017

Pssst! Can you keep quiet? I’m trying to study! Do these words sound familiar? Have you ever snapped at someone...

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