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About e-Study Buddy



What is MS eStudy BuddyTM ?

MS eStudy BuddyTM is an exclusive e-learning platform for MS teachers and students. With this app, MS students will be able to access a library of e-worksheets on their smart devices. Classroom learning and independent revision have never been more engaging, effective and easy!


Who is it for?

Teachers use it to teach in the classrooms while Students use it to revise at their own time.


How does MS eStudy BuddyTM revolutionise tutorial learning?

The app Simplifies, Streamlines and Standardises classroom lessons. Because the e-worksheets are loaded with multimedia and interactive features, students will find lessons more Engaging and Enjoyable. In short, MS e-Study BuddyTM harnesses the power of technology to enrich learning. What’s more, the e-worksheets are not limited to classroom use. The app allows students to access their personal library of e-worksheets anywhere, anytime on their computer or tablet. Revision has never been easier or more fun!


Are there any other Special Features that I should be aware of?

The e-worksheets made available to students will contain Supplementary Questions in the form of Weekly Quizzes that are not covered in the classroom. Students are encouraged to attempt these questions to enhance their understanding of topics that have been taught. Answer submissions will be auto-marked with detailed explanations given. A monthly report of the Weekly Quiz scores (for English, Maths and Science) will be emailed to parents.


Do all students have access to MS eStudy BuddyTM?

Students who are enrolled in any Primary 1 to 6 English, Creative Writer’s Toolbox, Mathematics or Science programme will automatically receive an MS eStudy BuddyTM account.


That’s fantastic! How can I get started?

If you’re a MS student or teacher, expect to receive an email with instructions on how to download and use the app!


MS eStudy BuddyTM, your faithful companion on your learning journey!

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(b) For Mac
(c) For Android tablet
(d) For iOS tablet

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