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Edu-Webinar [2:5] O-Level Prep & Exam Strategies: Mathematics

In this 2-hr Edu-Webinar, our MS O-Level Mathematics Master Teacher will teach students the key focus areas & topics of GCE O-Level Mathematics. Students will also learn critical exam techniques & skills to excel in this important exam. 


Tips & Strategies for O-Level Mathematics

  • Acing the O-Level Maths (Papers 1 & 2) – How to do it?
  • Do’s & Don’ts – Tackling tricky & challenging Maths problems
  • New Trending Questions for O-Level Mathematics
  • Scoring Strategies & Techniques for O-Level Mathematics



20 Jul (Tue) | 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm


  • MS Student: **Complimentary
  • Non-MS Student: $50 (fee for all 16 hours of Edu-Webinars)   

**MS Student refers to S4 MS Students who are currently attending our weekly classes


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 Here’s what our very own MS alumni have to say about our programmes! 

~ Ma Yu Xiao, our Sec 4 graduate who scored 8As in 2019 O-Level exams

~ Subramanian Karthikeyan Philip Tse (Scored 8As in 2017 O-Level)

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