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20-Hour Intensive Hanyu Pinyin Course


Get a head start for P1 Chinese! Anxious about your K2 child’s preparation for Primary 1 next year (2020)?  

Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音) is the basic foundation of any child’s study of the Chinese Language. Anybody who wishes to speak Chinese well should start his/her learning journey with mastering the Hanyu Pinyin as it is a crucial component in developing a strong foundation for the Chinese language. In this intensive course, to enable a more effective learning of each Hanyu Pinyin, our experienced Mind Stretcher Junior Campus teacher has a corresponding picture to help your child  understand the meaning of a particular Chinese word. He/she will be able to master their pronunciation and recognition of Hanyu Pinyin through oral practices and interactive activities through the use of the smart board games and games related to Hanyu Pinyin.

Our 20-Hour Intensive Hanyu Pinyin Course is specially catered to K2 students who are going to Primary 1 next year and also the Primary 1 students who needs the extra help in understanding Hanyu Pinyin. Your child will equip with a solid foundation that makes the learning of Chinese a breeze and give him/her a head start for Primary 1 Chinese. Ensure that your child is confident with Hanyu Pinyin and provide him the Head Start over his/her peers in 2020!


Workshop Synopsis:

  • Master Hanyu Pinyin for a head start in Primary 1 Chinese 
  • Learn the pronunciation of Chinese characters with the use of 4 tones
  • Filled with fun and engaging activities designed to help young children build a strong foundation and interest in Chinese 


Date 17 Jun – 21 Jun (Mon – Fri)

24 Jun – 28 Jun (Mon – Fri)

(10 Sessions)

Time 3 pm – 5 pm
Venue MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall  
3151 Commonwealth Ave West #03-01, S(129581)(opposite ‘The Clementi Mall’)



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