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MS Reading Oceans Educational Workshop & Children Activity (Parent-Child Workshop)

Develop your child’s passion for reading from an early age!

The benefits that your child can receive through reading from a young age are bountiful. Here are just 2 out of the many:

Neurological Reasons – Reading helps to develop your child’s brain as vital connections in the brain are made very early in life. With the right stimulation and exposure, a child is capable of producing better connections between active brain cells and neurons. When a child is taught to read from young, the process of learning is also instilled early in the development of the brain.

Linguistic Reasons – Reading and building a child’s vocabulary is a long-term process, and should be started on from as early as possible. The more a child reads, the more he or she is exposed to knowledge and ideas, as well as a better understanding of later textbooks and articles the child receives. Teaching a child to also pronounce and articulate words and sentences correctly also helps to improve linguistic skills such as precise grammar, better sentence structure and writing, to name a few.

At this workshop, learn the techniques and tips on how to develop your child’s reading ability by identifying the right reading material for him or her, and explore how Reading Oceans extensive reading materials can help you in instilling a love of reading in your child.

Sign up today and enjoy a fun and educational workshop with us at MS West Campus!

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Date: 19 Aug 2017 (Sat)
Time: 10 am – 12 pm
Venue: MS West Campus @ 321 Clementi (321 Clementi Avenue 3 #03-01 S129905)


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