Getting into Singapore Primary & Secondary Schools: How to Ace the AEIS/CEQ Exams?

International Student Series: Is your child trying to get into a local primary or secondary school in Singapore? Are you confused by the admissions process and eligibility requirements? Worried about your child’s ability to cope with the examinations?


Workshop Highlights

Interactive and Engaging

A 2-way channel where participants can learn about requisites and valuable insights on the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) and the Cambridge English Qualifications (CEQ) Examinations.

Enriching Curriculum

Our curriculum not only prepares students for the rigours of examinations, but also exposes them to real-life scenarios & knowledge of the world at large.

Value-Added Services

Attend the webinar to find out more about our services to help our students be ready for the admissions level CEQ/AEIS tests!

What you are paying for

Incredible value from our Edu-Webinar


For Admission to P2 - P5 & S1 - S3


2 hours of valuable insights on essential Tips and Strategies to prepare for the AEIS and CEQ examinations.


Event Date

International Student Series: AEIS Edu-webinar
6 Apr (Sat)
10.00am - 12.00pm


Event Coverage
  • Reasons to Study in Singapore’s Local Primary & Secondary Schools
  • Educational Pathways for International Students in Singapore;
  • Roadmap for the AEIS and CEQ* Examinations – Application Process, Timeline, Examination Format;
  • Essential Tips and Strategies to Prepare for the Examinations

*CEQ only applies to International students who want to join primary schools run by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Master teachers

Wei Lun
Team Lead (AEIS & Academic Programmes)

Wei Lun was one of Singapore’s top students (with a perfect score in 10 subjects) in his cohort at the GCE O-Level Examination. He was also a Singapore Prime Minister’s Book Prize Winner for top scoring in both the English & Chinese language examinations at the national level. He studied at the prestigious Columbia University (Ivy League) & Cambridge University under a Singapore government scholarship.

Joy Zhang
Academic Manager (AEIS Programmes)

Joy Zhang studied at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League) in America. While there, she was the student advisor at the Public Speaking Centre and also performed the role of a Teacher & Researcher. She also worked as a research analyst at the Stanford University Psychology Department.

Our testimonials

What our students & parents say about us

Nay Wun
Mrs Shum is a very dedicated teacher. She has given me detailed feedback to improve my writing and her lessons are very engaging. I really appreciate the personalised feedback which helps me identify areas I should work on more. She goes the extra mile to share interesting facts every lesson which has helped expand my general knowledge in so many ways. With Mrs Shum's tips and MS Worksheets explaining how to master various components, I'm able to answer questions with greater confidence. Lastly, Mrs Shum cares deeply about our emotional well-being, and she always reminds us that trying our best is more important than the results.

I would like to thank the Chinese Language teacher very much for her effort, concern and encouragement for my child! He is very happy to be in her class and has enjoyed the Chinese Language lessons very much. He has tried his very best in the PSLE examination last year 2022 and his Chinese has improved. The constant encouragement from his Chinese Language teacher makes a difference and goes a long way!  Thank you Mr Kuek and all the teachers very much who has taught him and shared during the online bootcamp and the webinars! We really appreciate the effort, time, love and understanding put into preparation of the examination booklets and materials and staying behind after the online lessons to answer the students' questions! Wishing all the teachers and staff a very Happy blessed year 2023 ahead! 

Parents of U Hian
Dear Mrs Shum, thank you so much for all the guidance and support you’ve given me since i joined ms. Since i joined at a pretty late stage, i didn’t expect myself to acquire so much valuable knowledge that allowed me to learn English from a whole new perspective, as well as to perceive life in many different aspects. Thank you for always being so generous in sharing with us your personal experiences that engaged us during class, and making English such a fun subject for us explore the wonders of it! Thank you for taking the extra mile to further support me in English Literature as well, it really has been very useful!! It has truly been an eye-opening experience learning from you and I will remember these lessons as part of the unforgettable memories of learning in this subject❤️🥰

Mrs Shum is a caring teacher who is concerned about her students and their well-being. She has helped me improve in my English and has always been very caring towards me. She stresses on our mental health and has encouraged us a lot. Her teaching is amazing and i love how she shares interesting facts related to the topic we were studying and she exposed us to the basics of general paper too. To add, Mrs Shum gives specific feedback on our work which allowed us to know what we can improve on. The MS comprehension worksheets were also of great help as they allow me to know how to answer certain questions in a straightforward manner. Mrs Shum marks quite strictly which also further prepared me well for the O-levels where the marking is usually more lenient. As a result, I learnt how to do better and could gauge where i stand. Mrs Shum also made me realise that i was better in personal recount essays which allowed me to do well in the O-levels. Overall, MS worksheets were of great help and useful with specific tips and strategies. Thank you so much.

Sevvel Selvam
Hi Ms Mavis, I would like to thank you for the teaching. Your lessons are engaging and I can always focus on it. I still remember vividly your patience when answering all my questions. Even though I have a lot of questions, you still answer them using your best effort which I appreciate very much. You are a great teacher 👍 Thank you very much and wish you a great year ahead !

Tao Weiqi
Dear Mr Alvin, Just want to text you to say "Thank you for all you have done for all the kids! Elvyn scored AL6 for his 2022 PSLE!“ A special mention to Teacher Meili, Teacher Audrey, Teacher Ryan and 丁老师。Not only were they never annoyed by his endless questions and constant requests for ways to improve himself, they guided him and encouraged him to do more and better. We are so blessed to have met all of you! I had introduced friends to send their kids to MS and will surely help to promote MS in the future too!

Mother of Elvyn Ee
I would like to thank Mrs Tan, who is my Mathematics teacher in Central Campus, for also teaching me tips and skills on how to solve well for Mathematics. She taught us a lot of tips on how to make logical sense on solving a question.

Wayne Ngian
Glad Shannon has joined your group at sec 3 then... she has benefited tremendously under your charge. I still remember when Shannon failed math in Sec 2 term 3. But because she wanted to be eligible for A-Maths so badly she worked hard to pull up her results. Glad you had given her much encouragement to pursue her interest. She has benefited tremendously under your charge.

Parent of Wong En Xi Shannon
Teacher Shannel is very dedicated and enthusiastic to help my son regardless if it is mindstretcher or school’ maths problems that my son has, including Amaths which she is not teaching.. she response to maths questions on whatsapp quite quickly and enthusiastically.

Parent of Koh Zi Xuan
Ms Joyce helps improve our grades with interesting lessons, and help give personalised feedback as well as come up with her own questions to make sure that her lessons are tailored to suit every student’s needs.

Low Yuxian Florence
Teacher Joyce is engaging, enforces discipline and communicate with my son to improve his grades.

Parent of Koh Zi Xuan
Dylan joined Mrs Shum in Sec 3. He originally resisted having tuition but he was completely sold after just 1 lesson. Mrs Shum is a very dedicated teacher and knew my son's character well. Dylan was motivated with her teaching and never missed her lessons. I am happy that Mrs Shum has managed to stretch his potential from a B4 student into an A2 for O'Levels. We are so lucky to have her. Thank you Mrs Shum!

Chan Jun Wei Dylan
My A.Maths teacher, Mr Marcus, he is also a very charismatic teacher that teaches in an animated fashion and I find that very funny and it makes me more concentrated in class. He actually goes the extra mile to provide lesson materials via Youtube that we can watch at our own time, own target and at home, before he actually teaches the concepts, so we can have a better conceptual understanding.

Li Long Guang
The Sec 3 A.Maths lessons have helped improve my answering technique for questions which has actually helped me improve my grades from a 'B4' to an 'A2'.

Cheryl Low
Our Sec 3 A-Maths tutor, Mr Ian Kwok, is very patient with our class despite us complaining and being very confused with the topic. He takes time to go through the notes and the questions and he makes sure that we understand most of the topic before moving on. He's also very encouraging and urges us to do better and not to give up. Thank you for spurring us on and encouraging us!

Randall Risharn
Teacher Mavis is extremely thorough with her explanation of the course content. She has always been so assuring and encouraging towards us, making learning fun. In addition, her teaching techniques, emotional support, dedication and commitment have contributed to my enthusiasm in attending her classes. I will definitely recommend Mind Stretcher to others!

Liu Yuxuan
I will like to thank my past Mind Stretcher Teachers, Mr Saiful, my lower secondary English teacher, for his kind encouragements when I was struggling with English

Ng Min Jun Leon
My daughter has been taking Mind Stretcher's Secondary 2 English classes at MS East Campus. She really enjoys participating in class with Teacher Joyce and her classmates. Thank you very much for your great efforts!

Parent of Tjipto Ruby
Good evening Teacher Mavis this is Yuxuan's mom! He enjoys your lessons and finds them beneficial for his english, As a parent I would like to express my gratitude to you for being so responsible and patient with kids. Yuxuan is blessed to have you as his teacher.

Parent of Liu Yuxuan
The Secondary 1 English teacher is very nice. She gives us notes which are useful and helps us during last minute revision. We see an improvement in grades since joining!

Parent of Moe Thu Kha
Dear Teacher, Thank you so much for coaching Jencine through Secondary 1 English. She is coping well with Maths and Science but told me that she has been struggling with her English. Thank you for your help!

Parent of Ou Wen Ying Jencine
I am really happy to be Teacher Shannel's student as she had helped me to improve my Maths. I was struggling in Maths before I became her student. Teacher Shannel always explains the questions in a way that makes them easy to understand. I got 21 out of 25 for my test and all these became possible after attending her lessons! I really hope that she can remain as my teacher year after year!

Shivanee Bhaskaran
Just to give feedback on Math teacher-Mr Siva Kumar. He is a dedicated teacher and with patience. My daughter is very happy with his method of teaching and always gives good comments on him. I can see my daughter's improvement as well. That's important to me.

Parent of Nwo Jie Er Charlotte
Mr Yan is very responsible and responsive teacher. We are blessed to have him as my son's Math teacher at Mindstretcher. My son has attended his class since Primary 4 and he will be happy to continue his learning journey with Mr Yan for P5 and P6.

Parent of Chen Zilin
Teacher Grandville is taking active interest in the progress of each student and keeping parents informed. I have seen improvement in my sons grades and learning ability due to his teachers continuous encouragement and suggestions.

Parent of Tanush Nimitkumar Sheh
I Would like to pen this thank you message to Lesley Owyong who taught my child, Jerome, English for the last 2 years. Teacher Lesley is a very caring nurturing and encouraging Teacher and Jerome has made a lot of progress in his English ever since he joined her class last year. As a parent, I am very touched by the time and effort she puts in to mark the work of my child for the class in particular the composition work as sne improves the sentences and puts in encouraging words for Jerome and the areas to improve on. Jerome feels motivated and looks forward to attending her lessons every week as the lessons are always fun and engaging. Please do vour best to keep wonderful teachers like her in MS and recognize her hard work

Parent of Goh Ching Zhe Jerome
Hi Teacher Colman, I just want to thank you for teaching Shao Heng for Primary 5 English! You have made the lessons so interesting and he has picked up his confidence in English with your help. It was a challenging 2 years with the Covid 19 situation and I'm glad all of us pulled through the PSLE paper. Thank you once again!

Parent of Ong Shao Heng
Thank you so much for always going the extra mile, engaging students and keeping them on thier toes. Sofia really enjoys all your lessons!

Parent of Nur Sofia Aleesha
Teacher Audrey is v dedicated. My son enjoys Math classes now and adore her.

Parent of Ean Tan
Mrs Foo is very dedicated towards her students. She will frequently update me on my daughter’s progress in P4 Maths. I like her being stern in class and is able to push my child to finish her work on time. Thank you very much! 😊👍🏻👏🏻

Parent of Megan Wong Yan Yun
Hi Teacher Rae, Just want to say I think that you are a wonderful teacher. I like how you teach and the firmness that you have, while teaching the class. Thanks for always going the extra mile to send over the screenshots that Zac may have missed out during class. I really appreciate your dedication.

Zac Ong
Rebeca has been attending Mind Stretcher's Primary 4 English classes. Thanks to Teacher Ryan, she has improved a lot compared to last year! We are confident she will keep improving her English under your coaching in the future.

Parent of Cai Yun Shan Rebeca
A fruitful year for Brien! Brien’s journey has been very smooth with all the help given. We are grateful to both committed teachers who have guided him so well. Teachings are very detailed and Brien enjoyed every lesson. And most importantly, we are extremely happy to see Brien’s improvement this year! His English has improved from 66% in Primary 3 to 83% in Primary 4. Thank you to all Tampines Junction staff too. All of you worked hard for Mind Stretcher and deserved this compliment I have called in numerous time, went down personally, Whats App, and emailed for enquiries. Every time my queries are answered. We are thankful for all your help you have given to us. Mind Stretcher is indeed an amazing tuition centre. I was strongly recommended by a friend, Kerine. Last year, I was searching and searching. Happened to meet Kerine and she recommended Mind Stretcher to me. She accompanied me to Tampines Junction too.

Parent of Brien Ng Ruitian
Mind Stretcher challenges our capability, which deepens our knowledge. One example is Cranium Cracker in Math. After solving Mind Stretcher worksheets, I always find it easier to solve any Math problems. Power Code in Math helped me to solve all the Math questions faster and helped me not to struggle with time during the Exam.

Harish Senthilkumar
Hello Teacher, I am Samarth's Mother who is your student for Primary 3 Maths. Samarth has scored 100°/o in his SA1 and I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to you for helping him and supporting his in this journey. His clear understanding of concepts and good grasp of the methods helped his achieve good grades. He really enjoys your session and wants to be very participative. I look forward to your continued support and guidance. Once again, a big Thank you !!

Parent of Samarth Kalra
Teacher Wai Chu stays closely in touch with parents and giving her advice. My son loves her lessons because she encouraged students in the class with joyful activities

Parent of Dang Minh Quan
Teacher Mei Li takes the initiative to weekly update my child’s progress and also to keep us update on the homework assigned. I’m very happy my child is able to cope with her English. Thank you very much Teacher Meili 👍🏻👏🏻😊

Parent of Megan Wong Yan Yun
Teacher Wai Chu is very dedicated and systematic in her work . She conscientiously follow-up on the markings and corrections required, enforcing discipline in my son’s writings for neatness and clarity. This really showed her professionalism, dedication, positive attitude and hard work.

Parent of Koh Zi Rui
Hi Teacher Carmen, Your responsibility, patience and super friendly teaching methods for Primary 2 Maths impress us. Looking forward to having you next year as well.

Parent of Mia Deng
Teacher Ryan has helped my kid improve a lot in the English subject through his Primary 2 English lessons. He delivers his lessons in an engaging way!

Parent of Huang Xuanhan
Teacher Ryan provides regular individual feedback about Marianne’s learning progress. Take extra initiative to communicate with parent and feedback about Marianne’s weakness and area of improvement that she needs to work on. I’m impressed about the extra steps that Teacher Ryan taken and the level of attention details he has to my daughter and taking time to update me after few lessons. He had also called to follow up and updated me about Marianne’s learning progress particularly when she was not able to attend the physical lesson but via zoom meeting during school holiday period. He is truely a good teacher that I can feel that he wants every student to excel in their studies. His passion and dedication towards teaching really impressed me and I’m grateful to have such a good teacher being Marianne’s English teacher. I appreciate for teacher Ryan’s teaching efforts and concern that he expressed towards my child. Most importantly, my daughter enjoys every English lesson that he had taught and always looking towards to teacher Ryan’s lesson. His engaging of regular communication with parent is something that I really treasure and feel appreciative.

Parent of Marianne Lee Ying Xuan
Teacher Ryan is responsible and loving. He constantly updates me on Jayden's progress, as well as his shortcomings and behaviour in class.

Parent of Jayden Fang Junpeng
Clarissa Lim En Ning
In addition to the regular weekly classes, I also attended many Mind Stretcher boot camps, webinars and workshops. My teachers have always been there to support and encourage me - ensuring I understand what needed to be understood, teaching me important and effective answering techniques as well as how to avoid making common mistakes in the exams.

Clarissa Lim En Ning
MS Student for 4 subjects in Pri & Sec School (2015-2022)
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If I have a question, how will it be addressed?
  • During the session, you can pose the questions in the webinar "Q&A" box or chat and our teachers will reply to you. If the question is commonly asked, our teachers will address it 'live'.
  • There will also be intervals throughout the session (depending on time) that parents and students may be asked to raise their hands and ask questions 'live'.
  • At the end of each session, you can also stay around to ask questions.
Will I be able to get the recording for review after the webinar?

We regret that video recordings will not be available for this webinar.

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