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Mastering Lower Sec Chinese Comprehension Questions


Many students find it difficult to answer comprehension questions and often find themselves losing marks in this section. This could be due to many common factors such as having a lack of time to complete the questions, writing a substantial amount in their answers but unable to score. All these pain points will be touched on in this workshop as our experienced 学汇乐 teachers will expose you to a variety of question-type asked in comprehension. They will teach you how to tackle them with step-by-step methods such as – (comprehend- analyse – crafting of answers). These methods and techniques learnt will enable you to identify keywords in the comprehension passages to answer the questions effectively. 

➡ Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we will be postponing all of our workshops and seminars until the situation stabilises. To receive priority updates of our future events, kindly indicate your interest @ http://bit.ly/2020-edu-events. Thank you for your understanding!


Workshop Synopsis:

  • Learn how to identify keywords in the passages to tackle questions effectively
  • Step-by-step methods (comprehend-analyse-crafting of answers) to score well
  • Exposure to the various question-types asked in comprehension 
  • Techniques to answer the various question-types 


Who should attend?

  • Sec 1 & 2 Students


Price of workshop:

  1. Online & MS Student – $64.20
  2. Non-MS Student – $90.60


The following are the details of the workshop at the various MS locations:


  1. MS Punggol Central
  2. MS Central Campus @ HDB Hub
  3. MS Woodlands Central
  4. MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction
  5. MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall