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Beyond O-Level: Student & Parent Seminar


“What’s next after O-Level?”  

This is a common question faced by many Sec 4 or Sec 5 graduates, once the O-Level has ended and when he has received his results. There are various paths to take once you graduate from secondary school – Junior College, Polytechnic or others. However, which is the one best suited for you to further your potential in your education journey? Find out the answers to this question and get advice from our Academic Director, Mr Alvin Kuek at this seminar, where you will learn more about the various paths that you can choose after O-Level to make a sound decision and effectively prepare for the next phase!


Seminar Synopsis:

  • Should I enter the Polytechnic or Junior College? What other options are there?
  • How should I choose my subject combination (for Junior College) or Diploma course (for Polytechnic)
  • Pathways & various other factors to consider


Who should attend?

  • Sec 4 Students and parents 


These are the following centres where this seminar will be held.

  1. MS Seletar
  2. MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall



So hurry and sign up online* or register at the nearest MS centre.