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PSLE Chinese Picture Composition Workshop (‘Live’ Online Lessons)


In this 10-session online workshop, your child will make improvements in his/her composition writing through the 3-step process – crafting the composition, receiving feedback and tips to improve the composition from our Head of 学汇乐 Mr. Kang Jian & his team of Chinese teachers. Your child will not only learn exam skills and techniques to write an engaging Chinese Picture Composition, he/she will also get hands-on experience, to put what they have learnt into practice. 


Seminar Synopsis:

  • Master effective techniques to write A* Compositions for the PSLE Chinese Exam  
  • Create good plots & structures to impress any PSLE Chinese Paper marker
  • Hands-on practices & writing drills to improve your PSLE Chinese Composition Writing  
  • Learn A* 学汇乐 Chinese vocabulary & phrases to boost your PSLE Chinese Composition grade


Seminar Synopsis

  • 最实用的考场作文应对策略
  • 强化写作技巧和作文修改
  • 有效地帮助学生在原有的写作水平上取得进步
  • 针对不同程度学生的“差异化教学”


Who should attend?

  • P5 & P6 Students


Price of Seminar:

$350 for 10 Sessions


Session Timing:





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