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GEP Intensive Preparatory Course for The Selection Round

Light the spark
give your child the right preparation to reach his/her potential! 

More than 500 of our students have qualified for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP)
through our preparatory classes in the past 8 years!

To boost one’s chances of being among the top 1-2% (or 500+ students) of the entire Primary 3 cohort and thus be selected for the GEP, a P3 student also needs to be exposed to the academic rigour, format and question types of the GEP screening & selection exercises.

Don’t let exam jitters or a lack of preparation stymie your efforts to get into the GEP! Let your full potential blossom with our highly-popular mind-stretching GEP Preparatory workshop. If you want to be the best, go for the best and most renowned GEP Preparatory Workshop in the tuition & enrichment arena today!





Date: 11 – 14 Oct 2018 (Thu – Sun)

Time: 3 pm – 6 pm (Thu – Fri)
2 pm – 5 pm (Sat – Sun)

Venue: MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction




 Register at the nearest MS centre today!