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GEP Selection Exercise Intensive Preparatory Bootcamp


“Genius is 1% Inspiration & 99% Perspiration!”

– Thomas Edison


The GEP Selection Exercise is the last lap before your child officially become a student under the Gifted Education Programme. In the past 10 years, 535 students in our prep lab have qualified for the GEP! Let your child be one of them this year. 

In this 3-day intensive preparatory bootcamp, your child will have a total of 12 solid hours of intensive preparation led by our GEP expert, Mr Andy Kuek, who has over 10 years of GEP teaching experience. and our Academic Director, Mr Alvin Kuek.

This bootcamp will boost your child’s chances of being among the top 1-2% (or 500+ students) of the entire Primary 3 cohort, who ultimately qualified for the GEP. In order to reach that stage, he/she has to be exposed to the academic rigor, format and various question-type of the GEP Selection Exercise. 


More about 3-day GEP Bootcamp

The bootcamp will help prepare your child  for the three components tested during the GEP Selection Exercise – English, Mathematics and General Ability.

To do well in the Selection Exercise, students need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills set specific to each component. During the 3-day bootcamp, students will be exposed to commonly tested question types for Mathematics and General Ability as well as methods to solve them quickly. For English, students will be taught exam strategies on how to analyse and understand questions correctly to come up with the right answers.

Having taught many GEP students over the past decade, our experienced trainers also understand the common mistakes that students make and are able to help them understand key concepts effectively through different explanation methods.


Bootcamp Synopsis:

  • Master answering techniques for English & Mathematics questions in the GEP Selection Round
  • Gain exposure to the GEP Selection round format and questions 
  • Learn all about the General Ability component and how to prepare for it 
  • Explanation of key concepts & commonly-asked questions  


Here’s what our past students have to say about our GEP Preparatory camp:




Don’t let the lack of preparation stymie your child’s efforts to get into the GEP! Let his/her full potential blossom with our highly-popular mind-stretching GEP Preparatory course. If you want to be the best, go for the best and most renowned GEP Preparatory Workshop in the tuition & enrichment arena today!


The following are the details of the GEP Screening Exercise Intensive Preparatory Bootcamp:


MS Student  $ 492.20
MS GEP Students (Exclusive Rate!) $ 246.10 
Non- MS Student $ 749





So hurry and sign up online* BELOW or register at the nearest MS centre.  If you are an MS student, please register at any MS Centre to enjoy exclusive rates!

 (*Kindly note that the tickets sold via Ticket Tailor will incur extra charges via Paypal or other credit card processing fee. If you do not wish to pay this additional fee, please register at any MS centre.) 


MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction (Run 2)

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MS Central Campus @ HDB Hub (Run 2)

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MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall (Run 3)
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