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Getting ready for the DSA (Run 2)


As your child enters Primary 3, is it the time that is it compulsory to choose a CCA and participate actively in it. It is also the time where you might find yourself being curious about what the DSA is about and how it can help your child in getting into a secondary school of his/her choice. While parents with children that are in the upper primary might find themselves in dilemma of if your child should apply for DSA to get into a secondary school of his/her choice.

Fret not as in this workshop, you will have a better understanding on what the DSA is and hence make a decision to apply for DSA for your child and choose the school that is most suitable for him/her.  This seminar will be conducted by Mr. Alvin Kuek, an Academic Director at Mind Stretcher. He has tutored and inspired hundreds or students and his insightful seminars and instructive workshops are not to be missed!


Seminar Synopsis:

  • Should my Child apply for DSA?
  • Which DSA school is best for my Child?
  • What is involved in the DSA selection process?
  • How should my Child prepare for the DSA?
  • Is PSLE still important post-DSA acceptance?


MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall 
Date  27 Jan 2019 (Sun)
Time 2 pm – 4 pm
Address  Clementi 3151 Commonwealth Ave West #03-01 S(129581)

(beside ‘The Clementi Mall’)