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Is your Child Gifted? What is the GEP all about?


  • Does your child find school work too easy or normal enrichment classes not challenging enough?
  • Is he or she perpetually curious or gets easily bored with the mundane?
  • Does your child imbibe or soak up information like a sponge?


If your answer is yes to some or all of the questions above, then your child might be gifted!

Join us at our GEP webinar – “Is your Child Gifted? What is the GEP All About?” to get insights on the Gifted Education Programme and if your child is suitable for it.


In the past 11 years, over 610 students in our P3 GEP Prep Lab classes / bootcamps have qualified for the GEP. What are their secrets and why do some of them do better than the others? Join our Webinar to hear what our Team of Educational Experts have to say on these topics and more. 


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Our Speakers:

  • Kristie Lim
    Founding Principal who has many years of experience nurturing GEP students, one of which is a President Scholar
  • Alvin Kuek
    MS Co-Founder and Academic Director who has taught hundreds of GEP students over the years and was instrumental in conceptualising the syllabi for our GEP Prep Lab classes
  • Andy Kuek
    Our resident GEP expert who has over 10 years of GEP teaching experience 


Seminar Synopsis

  • What ‘giftedness’ means in the context of the GEP (Gifted Education Programme)
  • Characteristics of a gifted child
  • NURTURE vs NATURE – Can ‘giftedness’ be developed?
  • What it takes to get into the GEP


Who should attend

  • P1 – P3 Students and Parents 



  • Complimentary


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Here’s what our past students have to say about our
GEP Prep Bootcamps:


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