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How to guide your child for the PSLE Chinese Oral Exam


In this highly-popular seminar, our Head of 学汇乐, Kang Jian, will share with you and your child the tips & strategies to ace the PSLE Chinese Oral Exam.  He will also advising you on how you can effectively guide and prepare your child to achieve maximum marks in the Oral Exams!


  • How to make full use of the preparation time before the test
  • Scoring well for the Reading component
  • Scoring well for the Videos-Based Conversation component
  • How to provide a relevant answer to the 转向问题(pop-up questions) during the conversation
  • Common mistakes made by students in Oral Exams
  • How you can help your child prepare for the PSLE Chinese Oral Exam


Join our webinar this Friday night (22 May 2020) to know more about the techniques and skills in the above and more!




The following are the details of the Webinar:

22 May (Fri)| 7.30 pm- 9.30 pm

MS Student – CLICK HERE to register for your seat! 

Non-MS Student – CLICK HERE to register for your seat!