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How to Achieve S.T.E.P (Success Towards Exams Preparations) in Lower Secondary Math

Lower secondary Maths is the time where your child will be exposed to the foundation of the various Mathematical topics. It is also the years where his/her interest for the Maths subject is being established, as he/she will be equipped with the skill set and knowledge needed to tackle Lower secondary Maths questions. 

This workshop is an arena where Mr Jason Ng, the Vice Principal and Head of Mathematics will ensure that your child master the fundamentals of Maths, and be exposed to the various questions from critical topics such as – Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Arithmetic, Trigonometry and Probability. These are topics that are most commonly tested in the exams, hence it is important to grasp the concept in order to score in the Maths exam. 

He/she will also be challenged to solve questions based on real life scenarios and learn how to present his/her workings accurately to avoid losing precious marks in the exam. On top of that, an error analysis on your child’s mid year exam papers will be conducted to provide feedback on the areas of improvement. Your child will also be provided with revision cheat sheets to help in the preparation for the SA2 Math exam. 

Master the foundation of critical Maths topics to score for the SA2 exam!


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Workshop Synopsis:

  • Understanding the Secondary Maths Exam Format and Syllabi
  • Top 5 tips to prepare for the exams
  • Tackle challenging questions based on real life scenarios
  • Bring your exam paper for error analysis of your commonly-made mistakes


Below are the details of the workshop:

Date 10 Aug (Sat) 31 Aug (Sat)
Time 2 pm – 5 pm 2 pm – 5 pm
Venue MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall
3151 Commonwealth Ave West
#03-01, S(129581)
(beside ‘The Clementi Mall’)
MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction
300 Tampines Ave 5
#09-03, S(529653) 

(opposite ‘Our Tampines Hub’)
Who should attend Secondary 1 & 2 Students 


MS Student  $ 64.20
Non- MS Student $ 90.60 


MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall 

MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction