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IP Exam Workshop Series – Key Skills for IP English/Language Arts


In order to excel in the IP English/ Language Arts, it is important to have a good foundation and master the basic blocks of the different components. In this workshop, your child will be equipped with the essential skills to help him/her to effectively score for the IP English/Language Arts component in school. 

Your child will learn how to master the basic skills to tackle each component effectively. In these 10 sessions, he/she will be able to understand the fundamentals needed to excel in the English/ Language Arts. These skills will not only get him/her through the IP programme, as they are also skills that will be beneficial for your child throughout his/her life. 

There are 10 sessions to the entire series and it has been broken down to 5 different parts, each focusing on one component for 2 intensive sessions. 


The following are the highlights of the 5 components that will be covered during the workshop:



Summary Writing 1 & 2 

18 & 19 Mar (Mon & Tue)

2 pm – 5 pm

How to write effective summaries


Learn the guaranteed method to score at least 8 marks for summary


Learn what to leave out of the summary, and why!


Rephrasing & word replacement techniques


Graded summary (from easy to difficult) writing exercises




Poetry Analysis 1 & 2

20 & 21 Mar (Wed & Thu)

2 pm – 5 pm

How to understand Poetry


Learn the basic building blocks of Literary Analysis 

(Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Tone, Mood, Irony, Allusion etc) 


Understand exactly what each poem is saying (no guessing involved!)


Learn the proper phrasing for answering Literature questions




Comprehension Techniques 1 & 2

17 & 18 Jun (Mon & Tue)

9.30 am – 12.30 pm

Learn why most students are unable to answer the simple “Why” question correctly


Acquire a simple-to-apply method for answering questions about figurative language (similes and metaphors)


Learn a method to track ideas visually for better understanding


Discover the 6 most common type of writing structures used in comprehension passages, and learn how to use them to look for clues




Essay Writing Secrets 1 & 2

19 & 20 Jun (Wed & Thu)

9.30 am – 12.30 pm

How to write good essays


Most schools teach “PEEL” as a method for structuring essays — and many teachers teach it the wrong way! Learn the true and correct way of applying “PEEL” to essay writing 


Learn the 6 most common types of structures for powerful essay writing 


Learn how to write good introductions


Learn and practice advanced writing techniques for polishing your essay writing to impress your readers!


Learn how to end with a bang, by writing good conclusions 




Studying for Literature 1 & 2

24 & 25 Jun (Mon & Tue)

9.30 am – 12.30 pm 

Learn how to read Literature from different perspectives


Understand the nuances of the Third and First person narrator


Understand how metaphor and simile are used


Understand irony, symbolism


Understand personification and figurative language  


Understand text and sub-text


Understand structure and timeline


Shortcuts for Shakespeare



Save up to $192.60 when you register for 10 Sessions by 10 Mar!


The following are the price for the 10 Sessions of the workshop:

Early Bird Price 

(ends 10 Mar)

After Early Bird Price 
1 Component

(2 Sessions, 6 hrs)

$ 160.50 $ 214
3 Components

(6 Sessions, 18 hrs)

$ 449.40 $ 513.60

5 Components

(10 Sessions, 30 hrs)

$ 642 $ 834.60


MS Central Campus @ HDB Hub 


Address  530 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #02-06, S(310530)

(opposite ‘SingPost’ via Link Bridge) 


So hurry and sign up online* BELOW or register at the nearest MS centre.  If you are an MS student, please register at any MS Centre to enjoy exclusive rates!

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