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Excel in LOWER Secondary English Comprehension & Summary Writing


Comprehension and Summary Writing are components that most students struggle with, especially Secondary 1 students as they make their transition from Primary 6 to Secondary 1. In this workshop, you will master the foundation techniques and acquire simple-to-apply methods to answer these questions respectively. You will discover 6 most common type of writing structure used in comprehension passages and learn how to use them to look for clues to answer the questions effectively. 

While Summary Writing may seem intimidating and difficult, it is in fact one of the easiest components to score in with the use of the right techniques. In this workshop, our experienced English teacher will equip you with rephrasing and word replacement techniques to ensure that you are able to craft a summary effectively. You will learn how to track ideas visually for a better understanding, and discover the essential concepts for every good summary  (such as leaving out irrelevant points) to ensure scoring the maximum marks. Hands-on practice of writing summaries of varying difficulties will be provided to expose you to a variety of texts types and apply what you have learnt in the workshop. 

➡ Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we will be postponing all of our workshops and seminars until the situation stabilises. To receive priority updates of our future events, kindly indicate your interest @ http://bit.ly/2020-edu-events. Thank you for your understanding!


Seminar Synopsis:

  • Effective techniques to answer challenging “Why” questions and figurative questions
  • 6 common types of writing structures in Comprehension passages and how to look for clues within them 
  • Tried-and-tested method to score high marks in Summary Writing


Who should attend?

  • Sec 1 & 2 Students


Price of workshop:

  1. Online Special & MS Student – $64.20
  2. Non-MS Student – $90.60


The following are the details of the workshop at the various MS locations:

  1. MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall
  2. MS Central Campus @ HDB Hub
  3. MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction
  4. MS Woodlands
  5. MS Punggol Central
    • 4 Apr (Sat)
    • 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm