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Mastering the Art of Science Open-Ended Questions

As all 3 runs of the “Mastering the Art of Science Open-Ended Questions” workshop has been FULLY BOOKED. As such, we will be opening the workshop at all Mind Stretcher centres islandwide, to ensure that all of our students are able to attend this highly demanded workshop. This is also to ensure that convenience of learning is brought to all of our students and parents. This workshop is conducted in a small class size, unlike the previous 3 runs, where your P5 & P6 child will be able to have a more focused and effective session with our Academic Director, Alvin Kuek and our Science subject expert.  

In this workshop, your child will learn how to understand the different types of open-ended questions and how to identify useful keywords. Thereafter, he/she will craft out the answers more accurately according to the keywords that he/she have spotted. Useful examination techniques will also be taught to allow him/her to build his/her confidence in tackling open-ended questions. 

There will be sample questions for both you and your child to try during the workshop. These questions are handpicked by our Science subject expert so that your child can gain the exposure to the different types of open-ended questions to ensure that he/she are well-prepared for the Science exams. 


Workshop Synopsis:

  • Skills needed for effective understanding of Scientific concepts
  • Key strategies & answering techniques for acing Booklet B of the Science Exam
  • Distinguishing features of open-ended Science questions
  • Identification of key words to craft good Science answers


The following shows the various date and time of the workshop held in the different centres:


For more details, kindly contact the respective centres for more information.

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MS Student + Parent  $85.60
Non-MS Student + Parent  $107




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