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Mastering Problem Solving through MS Maths Power Codes & Heuristics Skills

There are so many Maths concepts to remember, how can I help my child recall all of them during the exams?

Well, fret not as in this workshop, both you and your P5 & P6 child will be equipped with our MS Power Code and Heuristic skills to ensure that he/she is able to solve challenging problem sums in the most effective way. This workshop will be brought closer to you as it will be available at all Mind Stretcher Centres islandwide. Conducted in a small class setting, you and your child will can expect a more focused and effective session.

By attending this workshop, your child will be able to master the Maths concepts needed for the PSLE and be equipped with Problem Solving Techniques to prepare him/her for even the hardest questions in the exams. Our Vice principal and Head of Mathematics, Jason Ng will thoroughly explain the solutions to you & your child and demonstrate the effectiveness of our unique MS Power Codes, designed and perfected over the years which have enabled past and present Mind Stretcher students to ace their Maths Examinations!


Workshop Synopsis:

  • Sharing of unique MS Maths Power Codes & Heuristics skills to ace frequently-tested questions 
  • In-depth analysis of Past Years’ PSLE Mathematics Questions 
  • Effective problem-solving techniques for Paper 2 Maths Questions 
  • Exclusive insights in to potentially tested PSLE Maths question types


The following shows the various date and time of the workshop held in the different centres:


For more details, kindly contact the respective centres for more information.

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MS Student + Parent  $85.60
Non-MS Student + Parent  $107




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