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Model Drawing: Building the Foundation for Primary Mathematics


Not all questions can be solved using algebra, especially at the primary level where some questions are long and challenging for your child to understand. This is where the Model Drawing method will come in handy as not only will the model method allow your child to understand the question, it will help him/her to derive the answer effectively. This is especially so when students at the primary level can only use the Model Method to solve Maths problem sums. 

This workshop is for parents of P1 – P3 Mind Stretcher students and it will allow you as parents to understand the usefulness of using the Model Method. You will also learn how to teach your child how to use a model to understand and solve challenging problem sums. Make solving challenging Maths problem sums easy for your child by registering for a seat in a centre of your choice! 

To ensure that all MS Parents are able to attend this workshop, it will be held at various MS Centres islandwide. 


Workshop Synopsis:

  • Identify questions that require Model Drawing in Maths 
  • Practise 8 commonly-used models for problem solving 
  • How to help your Child visualise Maths questions using Model Drawing 
  • Importance of Model Drawing in building a strong foundation in Maths


The following are the various MS Centres that this workshop will be held:

*kindly contact the respective centre HERE to check the availability for workshop 




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