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O-Level Higher Chinese Oral Bootcamp

The Oral component for O-Level Higher Chinese is a new component that was implemented in 2016. It is very different from the Chinese oral examination that most of us are familiar with. A background on what is the Higher Chinese Oral exam entails:

The student will watch a narrated video and give a 2 minute verbal report based on the content of the video and the question that is asked at the end. Thereafter, the examiner and the student will have a dialogue about the verbal report that the student presented. Both of these sections carries 20 marks each.  

Apart from Higher Chinese students, IP students are also required to sit for this exam. As the oral makes up 20% of the overall marks of for the Higher Chinese, it is not something that should be overlooked. Students should try his/her best to score for this segment as it is a low-hanging fruit that should not be missed. 

In this 3-day bootcamp, your child will be equipped with the verbal skills and confidence to present his/her train of thoughts after watching the video. He/she will also be exposed to the various commonly discussed topics to ensure that he/she will not be taken aback during the exam and have the knowledge to carry out an impressive verbal report. Conducted in a small class setting, your child will be able to have 1-to-1 practice with the teacher and receive individual feedback improve. In addition, your child will also have a group discussion where students will get to bounce off ideas and hear different point of view from their peers to learn from each other.


Bootcamp Synopsis:

  • Be equipped with the content on different ‘popular’ topics & themes
  • Develop conversational skills & techniques to present an impressive 2-min verbal report
  • Brainstorm on various perspective and gather inspiration from peers


Date 20, 26 & 27 Jul (Sat, Fri, Sat)
Time 4 pm – 6.30 pm
Venue 学汇乐语文中心 @ Grantral Mall  
3151 Commonwealth Ave West #03-11, S(129581) 
(beside ‘The Clementi Mall’)


MS Student  $278.20
Non-MS Student  $321




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