O-Level Prep & Exam Strategies Webinar Series

In the lead-up to the GCE O-Level examinations, it is imperative that students are sufficiently-prepared. Find out how an all-rounded approach can put you in prime condition and set you up for success!


Workshop Highlights

Comprehensive Coverage

Key takeaways such as subject-specific scoring tactics, strategic revision hacks and crucial topics will empower students to tackle O-Level with confidence. 

Get a Headstart

Early preparation helps students to develop good study habits and get into the rhythm of disciplined revision, boosting their confidence and familiarity in the various subjects. 

What you are paying for

Incredible value at an affordable price


MS AY2024 S4 Students 


18 Hours (9 x 2 hours) of comprehensive sharing on key revision areas specific to each subject. 


Fees (with GST)

54.50 SGD


18 Hours (9 x 2 hours) of comprehensive sharing on key revision areas specific to each subject. 


Event Dates

O-Level Prep & Exam Strategies Webinar Series
Part 1: General Strategies for the O-Level Exams
25 Feb (Sun)
2.30pm – 4.30pm
Part 2: O-Level Biology
27 Feb (Tue)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 3: O-Level Chinese
29 Feb (Thu)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 4: O-Level Mathematics
4 Mar (Mon)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 5: O-Level Chemistry
6 Mar (Wed)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 6: O-Level Higher Chinese
7 Mar (Thu)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 7: O-Level Physics
8 Mar (Fri)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 8: O-Level Add. Mathematics
11 Mar (Mon)
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Part 9: O-Level English
12 Mar (Tue)
7.30pm – 9.30pm


Part 1: General Strategies for the O-Level Exams
  • Planning your Revision
  • Essential Exam Strategies
  • Exam Priorities, Focus & Motivation
  • O-Level Prep Hacks 
Part 2: O-Level Biology
  • The must-know topics for O-Level Biology
  • Tackling data-based questions in O-Level Biology
  • Preparing for the Biology Practical Exam (Paper 3)
  • Critical exam strategies for O-Level Biology 
Part 3: O-Level Chinese
  • How to achieve full marks in the Reading Comprehension 1 section
  • How to write high-scoring Chinese argumentative essays
  • The must-know topics for O-Level Chinese
  • Exam techniques for O-Level Chinese Oral examination
Part 4: O-Level Mathematics
  • Acing O-Level Maths – How to do it?
  • Do’s & Don’ts – Tackling tricky & challenging Maths problems
  • New Trending Questions for O-Level Mathematics
  • Scoring Strategies & Techniques for O-Level Mathematics
Part 5: O-Level Chemistry
  • The must-know topics for O-Level Chemistry
  • Tackling the dreaded O-Level Chemistry data-based questions
  • Preparing for the Chemistry Practical Exam (Paper 3)
  • Critical strategies for effective Chemistry study & revision
Part 6: O-Level Higher Chinese
  • Scoring techniques for Higher Chinese Comprehension 
  • How to write high-scoring Chinese argumentative essays
  • The must-know topics for O-Level Higher Chinese
  • Exam techniques for O-Level Chinese Oral examination
Part 7: O-Level Physics
  • The must-know topics and answering techniques for O-level Physics 
  • Tackling the O-Level Physics data-based questions
  • Preparing for the Physics Practical Exam (Paper 3)
  • Critical Strategies for effective Physics study & revision
Part 8: O-Level Add. Mathematics
  • Scoring Strategies & Techniques for Additional Maths
  • Differences between Maths & Additional Maths for O-Level Exam prep
  • Solving tricky & challenging problems in Additional Maths 
  • New Trending Questions for O-Level Additional Mathematics
Part 9: O-Level English
  • Strategies to maximise scores in essay & summary writing for O-Level English
  • Techniques to tackle figurative/literary comprehension questions 
  • Scoring distinction for the O-Level English Oral examination 
  • Acing Paper 3 - Listening (Responding & Note-Taking)

Master teachers

Lim Weilun
Master Teacher

Wei Lun was one of RI's top students (with a perfect 10A1s) in his GCE O-Level cohort. A winner of the RI Academic Award & the Prime Minister’s Book Prize (for top-scoring in the English & Chinese O-Level Exams), he was awarded a government overseas scholarship to pursue his studies at Columbia University (Ivy League) & Cambridge University. Wei Lun is the Academic Team Lead at Mind Stretcher, and a very popular Master Teacher across a wide variety of academic domains.

Joseph Gan
Biology & Chemistry Master Teacher

Joseph Gan, an alumnus of both RI and Mind Stretcher, earned a Degree in Chemistry (Distinction) from NUS and is a very popular Science Teacher at Mind Stretcher. Specialising in Chemistry and Biology, his engaging and approachable style resonates with many students. Joseph's in-depth understanding of these subjects, along with his passion for teaching, allows him to break down complex concepts, making them accessible to his students and solidifying his reputation as a dedicated and inspiring educator.

Albert Kang
Chemistry Master Teacher

Albert, a dedicated Chemistry and Science teacher at Mind Stretcher, brings over 10 years of experience from teaching at secondary schools and working on education policies. He believes that learning is most effective when it builds on strengths and fuels the intrinsic curiosity we all have about the world in which we live. This philosophy manifests in his engaging classroom environment, where exploration and inquiry are encouraged. His teaching maxim captures his educational ethos: 'Build on strengths, ignite curiosity, uncover the wonders of learning.

Kadir Muhyideen
Physics Master Teacher

Kadir's wealth of teaching experience spans over 20 years, including a 12-year stint at RI (where he taught A-Level Physics) and over a decade at various other international schools & educational institutions, where he taught students various subjects for the IB, IGCSE and O-Level exams. Now as the Team Lead for Secondary Science at Mind Stretcher, Kadir continues to inspire students through his dedication and his passionate commitment to nurturing young minds.

Yu Man
Chinese Master Teacher

Yu Man, the esteemed Head of Secondary Chinese at 学汇乐 (Xue Hui Le), brings over a decade of Chinese teaching experience to her role. An effective educator, she is highly cherished for her engaging Chinese lessons that not only convey knowledge. but also ignite a passion for learning. Her teaching philosophy resonates in her maxim: 'Engage to educate, inspire to ignite.'

James Wong
Maths Master Teacher

James Wong, a Senior Teacher at Mind Stretcher, is inspired by the challenge of imparting his extensive knowledge of both the Science and Mathematics subjects to his students. Drawing on his experience as a university lecturer and his distinction as a PSC Scholar in his younger days, he passionately guides students in a strategic manner. James's enthusiasm for education stems from his desire to turn complicated ideas into manageable lessons that truly inspire his students.

Steven Sim
English Master Teacher

A very experienced educator with over 3 decades of teaching experience, Steven is the Mind Stretcher Vice Principal (Academics), and Head of English (Secondary & JC). Prior to joining Mind Stretcher, he was the HOD of English, Literature & General Paper at various secondary schools and JCs. An animated & eloquent Master Teacher, Steven is highly regarded for his humorous and thought-provoking teaching style.

Mrs Shum Hui
English Master Teacher

A highly-popular and extremely competent English Master Teacher, Mrs Shum is a familiar face at many Mind Stretcher English Workshops / Bootcamps, Her rich experience and creative teaching styles, coupled with her nurturing & effervescent personality, have inspired many primary and secondary school students over the years. To Mrs Shum, teaching is an act of greatest optimism, and rightly so!

Our testimonials

What our students & parents say about us

Mrs Shum is a very dedicated teacher. She has given me detailed feedback to improve my writing and her lessons are very engaging. I really appreciate the personalised feedback which helps me identify areas I should work on more. She goes the extra mile to share interesting facts every lesson which has helped expand my general knowledge in so many ways. With Mrs Shum's tips and MS Worksheets explaining how to master various components, I'm able to answer questions with greater confidence. Lastly, Mrs Shum cares deeply about our emotional well-being, and she always reminds us that trying our best is more important than the results.

I would like to thank the Chinese Language teacher very much for her effort, concern and encouragement for my child! He is very happy to be in her class and has enjoyed the Chinese Language lessons very much. He has tried his very best in the PSLE examination last year 2022 and his Chinese has improved. The constant encouragement from his Chinese Language teacher makes a difference and goes a long way!  Thank you Mr Kuek and all the teachers very much who has taught him and shared during the online bootcamp and the webinars! We really appreciate the effort, time, love and understanding put into preparation of the examination booklets and materials and staying behind after the online lessons to answer the students' questions! Wishing all the teachers and staff a very Happy blessed year 2023 ahead! 

Parents of U Hian
Dear Mrs Shum, thank you so much for all the guidance and support you’ve given me since i joined ms. Since i joined at a pretty late stage, i didn’t expect myself to acquire so much valuable knowledge that allowed me to learn English from a whole new perspective, as well as to perceive life in many different aspects. Thank you for always being so generous in sharing with us your personal experiences that engaged us during class, and making English such a fun subject for us explore the wonders of it! Thank you for taking the extra mile to further support me in English Literature as well, it really has been very useful!! It has truly been an eye-opening experience learning from you and I will remember these lessons as part of the unforgettable memories of learning in this subject❤️🥰

Mrs Shum is a caring teacher who is concerned about her students and their well-being. She has helped me improve in my English and has always been very caring towards me. She stresses on our mental health and has encouraged us a lot. Her teaching is amazing and i love how she shares interesting facts related to the topic we were studying and she exposed us to the basics of general paper too. To add, Mrs Shum gives specific feedback on our work which allowed us to know what we can improve on. The MS comprehension worksheets were also of great help as they allow me to know how to answer certain questions in a straightforward manner. Mrs Shum marks quite strictly which also further prepared me well for the O-levels where the marking is usually more lenient. As a result, I learnt how to do better and could gauge where i stand. Mrs Shum also made me realise that i was better in personal recount essays which allowed me to do well in the O-levels. Overall, MS worksheets were of great help and useful with specific tips and strategies. Thank you so much.

Sevvel Selvam
Hi Ms Mavis, I would like to thank you for the teaching. Your lessons are engaging and I can always focus on it. I still remember vividly your patience when answering all my questions. Even though I have a lot of questions, you still answer them using your best effort which I appreciate very much. You are a great teacher 👍 Thank you very much and wish you a great year ahead !

Tao Weiqi
Dear Mr Alvin, Just want to text you to say "Thank you for all you have done for all the kids! Elvyn scored AL6 for his 2022 PSLE!“ A special mention to Teacher Meili, Teacher Audrey, Teacher Ryan and 丁老师。Not only were they never annoyed by his endless questions and constant requests for ways to improve himself, they guided him and encouraged him to do more and better. We are so blessed to have met all of you! I had introduced friends to send their kids to MS and will surely help to promote MS in the future too!

Mother of Elvyn Ee
Teacher James is a highly dedicated teacher to our class, giving us invaluable tips and tricks in order to score for my physics examinations :) in addition he is more than willing to extend further help beyond the stipulated lesson time, always staying back with us whenever we require consultations or have difficulty grasping certain concepts. Teacher James has been nothing short of encouraging over the past year, as he pushes us to give our best in the face of adversity. overall, he has been integral in making my time at Mindstretcher enriching and fulfilling, and i am very grateful to have been taught by him

Leck Qiantong tarra
I think the materials given to us to learn really helps me in school and helps me learn and understand better in school. This also helps me to improve in my Science and has helped me achieve better grades in Science. My teacher, Mrs Tang, is very kind, caring, motherly, understanding and approachable. I really appreciate her efforts to make learning in Mind Stretcher more interesting, fun and comfortable. I have really enjoyed myself here. Thank you!

Chin Choi Yin
Mind Stretcher’s lessons have helped improve my answering technique for questions. So, now I feel more confident when I answer questions. For example, for Chemistry, it has helped me constantly get 'A'

Cheryl Low
Teacher Kishan is a very very dedicated teacher. He really goes the extra mile, reminding students weekly to submit homework and even has consultations with them outside of lesson time. He works closely with me and provides feedback constantly on my son's performance. My son, Xin Jie, is really blessed to have him as his Sec 4 Maths teacher.

Parent of Ong Xin Jie
Ms Christine Ong is an extremely benevolent teacher and a role model for my classmates to emulate. Not only is she kind and patient when covering new concepts, she will constantly share with us her vocabulary bank and drop gold nuggets on tips to do well in our essay. As a result of her passionate teaching, I managed to jump from a C5 grade in secondary 1 to an A1 grade in secondary 4. Apart from assiduously preparing comprehension papers from other schools for us to practice, she always conjures up a myriad of vocabulary expressions for us to memorise and utilise in our essay. Due to this, my essay has jumped to a 26/30 just for my prelim alone, which is an extraordinary feat for someone born in a Chinese speaking background like me. Additionally, she will require us to scan our examination papers so she can better comprehend our weaknesses and work on addressing that. Moreover, she will keep us up to date with global affairs taking place around the world every lesson. I remember vividly when she shared with us the story pertaining to an old Asian lady being accosted by a caucasian man during a hate-crime incident happening in the US. Furthermore, Ms Christine will go the extra mile of highlighting the misused vocabulary terms in editing and explain to us the wordclass and noun forms that are improperly used, which is not required in the Mind Stretcher curriculum. In a nutshell, Ms Christine is undoubtedly one of the best teachers I've had in my school life. I fervently hope that she is offered a larger platform to inspire minds and nurture our nation's future. Thank you.

Li Long Guang
Mind Stretcher had been very helpful in my Secondary 4 learning journey, almost miraculously turning a mere pass into a distinction. Mrs Shum, my English teacher at Mind Stretcher, had provided us with plenty of resources, and practised with each and every one of us tirelessly.

Tenzin Dhakar
Before I enrolled in Mind Stretcher in Sec 3, I was doing very badly in my common test exams. I was getting around C6 or near failure for my English. But now I’ve gotten A1 for my O-Levels and I can see that I’ve made steady progress throughout my 2 years in Mind Stretcher.

Subramaniam Karthikeyan
Mrs Shum's lessons have equipped me with the essential skills required to tackle the English Language paper, allowing me to become more confident when writing. Furthermore, her lessons not only helped to cultivate a deeper interest in the languages and the humanities, but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world we live in. Her sharing of personal experiences is always something to look forward to!

Tan Dan Feng
To Teacher Marcus, thank you for teaching me A maths for the past 2 years. When I first attended Mind Stretcher, I was a constant F9 student and had no hope I would be able to do well for A maths. However, your teaching enabled me to push myself and allowed me to continuously strive for the best. This helped me not give up and I began learning with a hopeful heart. Due to your teaching, I remembered that during my first ever A maths exam, I was just hoping for a pass as it would be the first time I would pass a maths-related exam. Yet I was very surprised that I scored an A1 for that exam. This helped to me believe in myself as I maintained that grade for the rest of my secondary school life. Thank you Teacher Marcus for your support and wonderful teaching!

Nathan Thiam
Appreciate your update, Teacher Marcus. Emilia told me she thoroughly enjoyed your lessons and that she understands them. Thank you for your kindness and support towards her and her classmates. She recently got her A Math WA1 result • 21/30. A hard paper, we heard but she managed quite all right. Thank you

Parent of Emilia Syahada Leet
See more testimonials


If my child has a question, what can he/she do?
  • During the session, you can pose the questions in the webinar "Q&A" box or chat and our teachers will reply to you. If the question is commonly asked, our teachers will address it 'live'.
  • There will also be intervals throughout the session (depending on time) that parents and students may be asked to raise their hands and ask questions 'live'.
  • At the end of each session, you can also stay around to ask questions.
Will there be any materials provided?
  • No, this event will not come with any materials. 
  • You may wish to keep a notebook around for taking down useful pointers shared by our Master Teachers and speakers.
Is there a webinar on Combined Science?

No, there isn't a specific webinar dedicated solely to Combined Science. However, students are welcome to attend any of the Science webinars covering Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to gain the necessary information. Our Master Teachers will address any differences and clarify any queries during the webinars themselves.

If I'm unable to attend this webinar, will a recording of the session be provided?

A recorded version of this webinar session will be made available to all eligible registrants for a limited viewing period.

Considering my child's previous enrolment (i.e. ex-student), or recent registration for Mind Stretcher's Bootcamps / Short courses / Workshops / Webinars / Events, can we still enjoy special discounts or benefits as a returning participant?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer special discounts or benefits for returning participants at this time.

Our MS student rates for any events are specifically reserved for students who attend our regular weekly programmes. They do not extend to ex-students, trial class students, and participants of our bootcamps, short courses, workshops, webinars, or events.  Should your child wish to attend our Edu-events at the exclusive MS student rate, you can enrol him/her in at least one of our regular weekly  programmes. That would then qualify your child as a MS student.

Can I cancel my registration if I change my mind?
  • No, all fees paid for any of our events are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • If you have signed up and realise that your child is unable to attend the event, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance. 
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