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O-Level Webinar Bootcamp

O-Level Webinar Bootcamp

Our Annual O-Level Webinar Bootcamp is back!

60 hrs of lessons @ SUPER Value!

The GCE O-Level examination is the culmination of a student’s journey through secondary school.  Ample preparation, grasping of key examination concepts & strategic focus on key topics/components are essential to tackle this important national examination efficiently & effectively.


In this O-Level Webinar Bootcamp series, our Lead Secondary Subject Teachers will guide students in preparing strategically for all crucial topics/sections, mastering key exam techniques & scoring well for the various subjects.


Students can take each Subject Bootcamp individually or take all 6 subjects (60 hrs of Webinar lessons for only $470 with free materials provided!

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** Materials can be collected at your preferred MS Centre. Do look out for an email from us letting you know when the materials are ready for collection!


Subject Highlights:

O-Level Chemistry Bootcamp (10 hrs)
  • Topical revision & practice of must-know, frequently-tested topics
  • Mastering chemical calculations
  • Tackling the most-dreaded data-based questions
  • Tips & Strategies to excel in Paper 3 Practical Exam
  • Predicting the observations for qualitative analysis
  • Tackling the Paper 3 Planning questions
  • Introduction & concept reinforcement for Key Topics
  • Worked examples of O-Level question types
  •  Analysis of new trend questions that apply in the real world
  • Scoring strategies & techniques for Papers 1 & 2
  • Solving tricky & challenging problems in Additional Mathematics
  • The 3 Ts (Tips, Tricks and Techniques) to ace Paper 1 & 2
  • The key questions that differentiate between an A1 & A2 student
  • Summary review of all examinable topics for Sec Maths
  • Common mistakes in presentation, accuracy and units
  • New Question Trends including Problems in Real World Context (PRWC)
  • Editing & summary writing techniques  to ace the HCL Chinese exam
  • Key scoring and answering strategies for Reading Comprehension
  • Question analysis & plot planning for Narrative, Source-based Composition & Argumentative Essays
  • Structuring a response to a Chinese  forum discussion or Email writing
  • Overview of 2021 & 2022  trending news topics
  • Topical revision & practice of must-know, frequently-tested topics
  • Must-know exam techniques to ace the various questions types
  • Tackling both qualitative & quantitative questions
  • Tips & Strategies to excel in Paper 3 Practical Exam
  • Tackling the Paper 3 Planning questions
  •  Writing good essays
    • Eye-catching Introductions
    •  Powerful Writing Techniques
    • Effective Endings
    • Common Essay Structures
  • Dissection & Analysis of selected model essays
  • Content Points (“Meat”) for selected themes
  • Situational Writing Secrets
  • Secrets to effective Summaries
  • Rephrasing & word replacement techniques
  • Acing the Visual, Narrative & Non-Narrative Comprehension components
  • Scoring Techniques for Comprehension


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 Here’s what our very own MS alumni have to say about our programmes! 

~ Ma Yu Xiao, our Sec 4 graduate who scored 8As in 2019 O-Level exams

~ Subramanian Karthikeyan Philip Tse (Both scored 8As in 2017 O-Level)

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