O-Level Webinar Bootcamp: Higher Chinese

In this 10-hour Webinar Bootcamp, our MS Secondary Master Teachers will guide students in crucial focus areas and equip them with key exam techniques & skills to excel in the GCE O-Level Higher Chinese Examination.


Workshop Highlights

Strong team of Master Teachers

Mind Stretcher Master Teachers provide invaluable insights on various teaching methodologies through their extensive years of experience in the education field.

Comprehensive Coverage

Curated by our curriculum specialists, the bootcamp will cover techniques for answering common exam questions, Comprehension as well as various essay types. 

High quality

Students will receive top-quality curriculum materials specially curated by our Higher Chinese Master Teachers. 

What you are paying for

Incredible value at an affordable price point

Starting from


  • 10 hours of lessons per subject.
  • High-quality curriculum materials will be provided 

1 Subject – $200
2 Subjects – $300
3 Subjects – $380
4 Subjects – $440
5 Subjects – $460
6 Subjects – $470 (Best value! Only $470 for 60 hrs of lessons!)


Bootcamp dates

Higher Chinese
15, 22, 29 Sep & 6 Oct
7pm – 9.30pm


What will we do?
  • Editing techniques to tackle common exam questions
  • Key scoring and answering strategies for Reading Comprehension
  • Question analysis & plot planning for Narrative, Expository, Source-based Argumentative Essays and Script Writing
  • Structuring a response to a forum discussion or blog post
  • Overview of 2021 & 2022 trending news topics


If my child/ I have a question, what can he/she/I do?
  • During the session, you can pose the questions in the webinar "Q&A" box or chat and our teachers will reply to you. If the question is commonly asked, our teachers will address it 'live'.
  • There will also be intervals throughout the session (depending on time) that parents and students may be asked to raise their hands and ask questions 'live'.
  • At the end of each session, you can also stay around to ask questions.
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