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O-Level Biology by Topical Modules

O-Level Biology by Topical Modules

Score well for O-Level Biology!

The O-Level Biology syllabus emphasises the understanding & application of scientific concepts & principles far beyond purely factual materials. As such, students will be tested on their skills, comprehension & insight in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts.

• Paper 1 – tests knowledge & understanding
• Paper 2 – tests ability to handle information & solve problems
• Paper 3 –assesses experimental skills & investigative abilities

Given the depth of this multiple assessment approach, many O-Level students might find it difficult to prepare for these papers as they require more clarity on specific topics & strengthen their conceptual understanding of them.


Mind Stretching Approach:

Our lessons have been structured in a modular manner, and are based on a personalised and structured guidance approach.

The O-Level Biology course has been designed to help students:

    • Learn, revise & reinforce key concepts in O-Level Biology

    • Master key answering techniques for each Biology topic to tackle exam questions

    • Build confidence & develop exam-smart strategies for handling O-Level & Prelim Biology Exams 

4-6 sessions per module for in-depth coverage of each topic!


Check out our upcoming modules!

O-Level Biology by Topical Modules

6, 13, 20 & 27 Aug 2022 (4 Sat) 
9.30am – 11.30am


O-Level Biology by Topical Modules

2, 16, 23, 30 Aug & 6 Sep 2022 (5 Tues)*
7.30pm – 9.30pm

*No lesson on 9 Aug (PH)

4-Lesson/5-lesson Module Fee  (for Aug-Sep Run):
$240 /$300 (before GST)


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Mr Joseph Gan

IP student (Raffles Institution)

(S1 – JC2)

Bachelor of Science (NUS)

Honours with Distinction