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O-Level English Online Oral Bootcamp

In this O-Level English Oral Exam Bootcamp, students will have 5.5 hours of targeted practice with our teacher in a small class setting of 10 students. Within each session, there will be important techniques taught as well as exam-simulated exercises for students to practice and improve. 

In addition, each student will also be required to go through 2 sessions of 1-to-1 mock exam & feedback with the teacher.  Students will be able to master effective strategies that will help them to achieve good grades in both the ‘Reading Aloud’ and ‘Spoken Interaction’ components.  


Oral Bootcamp Coverage:

  • Read a given text with accurate pronunciation and clear articulation
  • How to pronounce the most difficult sounds in the simplest possible way
  • How to pause…and when to pause
  • Techniques to read fluently with appropriate variations in pace, volume, tone and Stress
  • Sure-fire strategies to make your conversation with the examiners sparkle



Who should attend?

  • O-Level Students



  • MS Student: $235
  • Non-MS Student: $285


Bonus: Complimentary 2-Hr
                O-Level English Oral Last-Min Crash Course

                     6 Aug (Thu) | 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm


The following are the various time-slots available:




Registration for MS Students: Click Here

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