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Primary 5 Chinese Oral Bootcamp


In this Oral Bootcamp, your child will have 9 hours of targeted practice of exam-simulated passages and themes. He/she will be equipped with effective tips and strategies that will help him/her score the top band in both the Reading Aloud and Video-based conversation component. In this small class size of only 8 students, he/she will be able to have effective individual practices and feedback from the teacher.

This will be good practice for the PSLE Chinese Oral exam as it is the differentiating factor between that A and A* in the PSLE Chinese Exam. However despite this fact,it has been an often-neglected component. The Chinese Oral Exam makes up 25% of the PSLE Chinese Exam score, hence it is a low hanging fruit that all students have to aim to ace in order to secure the A* in the Chinese Exam. 


Bootcamp Highlights:

  • Small class size (maximum 8 students) for effective individual practices and feedback
  • Daily practices with exam-simulated passages and themes
  • Targeted tips & strategies to score top band for both ‘Reading Aloud’ and ‘Stimulus-based Conversation’ 
  • Vocabulary Booster for a variety of topics & commonly-tested themes
  • Tips for good body language and anxiety-management to portray high self-confidence to Oral Examiners  


The following are the various time-slots available at each centre:


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MS Student $294.25
Non – MS Student $363.80



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