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[1] P5 PSLE 2021 Jumpstart Online Bootcamp (Chinese, English, Maths & Science)

Is your P5 Child Ready for PSLE 2021? 

The Primary 5 year-end examination is over… what’s next? Give your child a head start for the 2021 PSLE by signing up for our P5 PSLE 2021 Jumpstart Online Bootcamp. 

Happening during the November school holidays, the Jumpstart Online Bootcamp is back again this year to give Primary 5 Students an edge in preparing for the PSLE.

Thousands of students have benefited from our PSLE bootcamps and have gone on to achieve stellar grades in the PSLE! 


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Key Highlights of our
P5 PSLE 2021 Jumpstart Bootcamp:

  • Learn key concepts in the P6 syllabus for a great head start to PSLE
  • Get hands-on practices in building on P5 concepts to tackle challenging PSLE questions
  • Identify common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid at PSLE
  • Tips and techniques for effective year-long revision for each PSLE subject 

(Scroll down for detailed highlights of each subject) 


P5 PSLE 2021 Jump Start Bootcamp

BONUS: Online Debriefing Session for Parents

(5 Dec, Sat | 2.30 – 5.30 pm)


The Lead Teachers for this P5 PSLE 2021 Jumpstart Bootcamp are

Alvin Kuek (MS Co-Founder & Master Teacher), Mind Stretcher PSLE Master Teachers & Curriculum Team.


The following are the dates of the various P5 PSLE 2021 Jumpstart subjects:


Great value for up to 28 hrs of webinar lessons & Materials! 

Don’t miss them!


Exclusive Fees for MS & 学汇乐 (Xue Hui Le) Students:


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P5 PSLE 2021 Jumpstart Bootcamp: Subject Highlights

PSLE Jumpstart Chinese: 23 & 30 Nov (Mon)

  • 学汇乐”看图作文构思法
    Xue Hui Le approach to planning A* PSLE Chinese Picture Composition
  • 阅读理解的审题和思路
    Question analysis & answering techniques for PSLE Chinese Comprehension
  • 语文基础题的能力要求
    Building Chinese Language proficiency to tackle PSLE Chinese questions
  • 口试与听力的常见题型
    Commonly-asked questions for PSLE Chinese Oral & Listening Comprehension
  • 未来十个月的复习建议
    10-month PSLE Chinese revision & study plan
PSLE Jumpstart English: 24 Nov & 1 Dec (Tue)

  • A* Composition Techniques for the PSLE English
  • Analysis of three A* Model Compositions & Useful phrases/vocabulary
  • Comprehension Cloze –  Critical Techniques & Practice
  • Comprehension OE – Important Techniques & Practice
PSLE Jumpstart Maths: 25 Nov & 2 Dec (Wed)

  • Revise, Review & Remember essential Maths topics for PSLE 2021 Maths Preparation
  • Master the Unique Maths Power Codes™ Approach & other Heuristic Skills to solve commonly-tested questions for PSLE Maths
  • Identify common mistakes made by students in PSLE Maths and implement ways to avoid them
  • Formulate solutions to Challenging New Trends questions based on latest PSLE papers
  • Learn to apply effective methods to check the accuracy and reasonableness of answers
PSLE Jumpstart Science: 26 Nov & 3 Dec (Thu)

  • Revision critical content from Lower Block and P5 Science
  • Keywords & effective answering techniques to answer Science Open-ended Questions & Science MCQ
  • Master a structured framework to tackle Higher-order PSLE Science questions
  • Gain a head start for new PSLE Science topics in Primary 6


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** For registration after 20 Nov, 6 pm, we seek your understanding that we will not be able to send the hardcopy in time for the session on Mon & Tue, Part 1 of Chinese & English Bootcamp respectively. Hence, you will be receiving the soft copy via a secured software. The hardcopies will reach you later part of the week.



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