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PSLE 2021: The Last Lap Webinar Bootcamp

PSLE 2021: The Last Lap Webinar Bootcamp

Final sprint towards PSLE 2021!

In the last few weeks leading to PSLE 2021, we will run alongside with your child to revise & practise all important areas for English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese & Higher Chinese.

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MS & Xue Hui Le Students:

 46 hrs of webinar lessons for only $260! 

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Covering the most problematic & challenging components of  PSLE English, Mathematics, Science & Chinese, this Last Lap Webinar Bootcamp Series will help students in their
Final Preparation & Revision for the PSLE 2021.

There is also a standalone mini-bootcamp for those students who are taking PSLE Higher Chinese.

For details of last lap coverage, please scroll down till the end of the page.


The Lead Teachers for this PSLE Last Lap Bootcamp are

Alvin Kuek (MS Co-Founder & Master Teacher), our various MS Subject Heads and the team of MS Lead Teachers.


[BONUS] PSLE Last-Min Revision Series

Complimentary for students who register at least 1 Last Lap subject

~ Extra Materials & up to 22hrs of Webinar Lessons

1)  Acing the 3Cs of PSLE English (6 hours)

2 Model Compo, 2 Compre OE Sets, 3 Compre Cloze Set

2) PSLE 2019 & 2020 Qns – Explained (16 Hours)


The following are our Last Lap Bootcamp fees;

Top up $20 (MS student/Non-MS student) for Higher Chinese to get the best value of MS PSLE Last Lap Bootcamp 2021 package!

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If your child has school lessons during this period, do reach out to us at events@mindstretcher.com and we will assist you in getting a recording of the session (made available for a limited period.)


PSLE 2021: The Last Lap Bootcamp – Subject Highlights

PSLE Last Lap Maths (6 Sep, Mon | 8.30am – 3.30pm)

  • Solving commonly tested questions and new trend questions (without a calculator) to maximise your score in Paper 1
  • Tackling the various question types in commonly-tested & challenging topics of fractions, ratio, percentage, geometry & data analysis for Paper 2
  • Commonly Tested Power Codes & Heuristics based on Past Year PSLE Maths Trends
  • Be PSLE-ready with Trial & Tested PSLE Math Exam-taking strategies


PSLE Last Lap Chinese (7 Sep, Tue | 8.30am – 3.30pm)

  • The thought process & planning needed for A* PSLE Chinese compositions
  • Techniques to craft the best & to-the-point answers for PSLE Chinese Comprehension
  • Consolidation of words & phrases learnt needed for PSLE Chinese
  • PSLE Chinese Listening Comprehension simulated practice & evaluation


PSLE Last Lap Science (8 Sep, Wed | 8.30am – 3.30pm)

  • Revision & practice of important concepts for 2021 PSLE Science
    • Life science: Life cycle & reproduction, plant transport system, body system & photosynthesis
    • Physical science: Materials, light, heat, water cycle, electrical system, forces & energy
  • Question analysis & effective answering techniques


PSLE Last Lap English (9 Sep, Thur | 8.30am – 3.30pm)

  • Tackling the 3Cs of PSLE English effectively
  • 2 Comprehension Practice Sets
  • 2 Comprehension Cloze Practice Sets
  • A* Writing Techniques, Possible Composition Themes & Plots
  • Dissection & Analysis of 2 Model Compositions
  • 20 S&T Revision Practice (Commonly-Tested Structures)
  • Acing the 3Cs of PSLE English (separate 6-hr BONUS session – see above)


PSLE Last Lap Higher Chinese (10 Sep, Fri | 8.30am – 12.30pm)

  • PSLE Higher Chinese Compositions – Focus Areas & Exam Techniques
  • Enrich your Chinese compositions with 学汇乐’s six-paragraph conceptualisation method
  • Key exam pointers for Higher Chinese Reading Comprehension
  • Essential building blocks & practice for developing a good foundation in Higher Chinese

** Materials for PSLE 2021: The Last Lap Bootcamp can be collected at your preferred MS Centre. Kindly present your receipt during collection. 


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