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PSLE Chinese Comprehension (6 Live Online Class)

In this 6-session online workshop, your child will master exam techniques and learn how to use 学汇乐’s unique 3-Step methods to tackle various Chinese Reading Comprehension questions confidently and effectively. 

These proven strategies will enable your child to simplify each question-type in the PSLE Chinese Comprehension and craft good answers to the questions. Our team of 学汇乐 teachers will share effective and time-efficient exam techniques and strategies for answering the Reading Comprehension Questions, and what the markers expect in students’ answers.


学汇乐 Content Focus:

  • Techniques to tackle MCQ, Open-ended questions as well as Memo Writing
  • Speed reading skills to seethe out main points of the passage
  • Exam strategies to answer various reading comprehension questions effectively
  • All answers will be marked to enable students to identify their mistakes


学汇乐 Content Focus:

  • 阅读理解选择题、便条题、开放题,个个击破
  • 快速篇章阅读法
  • 详解不同题型的答题思路和高分技巧
  • 详细批改,真正提高应考能力”



Who should attend?

  • P5 & P6 Students


Price of Seminar:

$210 for 6 Sessions


Session Timing:




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