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PSLE Chinese Comprehension (6 Live Online Classes) [Run 2]

PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp (Mind Stretcher)


A 6-week online class (9 hours of lessons) that will equip your child with the 学汇乐’s unique methods to tackle various Chinese Reading Comprehension questions confidently and effectively!


Your child will acquire the strategies to simplify each question-type in the PSLE Chinese Comprehension and craft good answers to the questions. Our team of 学汇乐 PSLE Master teachers will teach your child speed reading techniques, essential exam skills, and effective time management for the MCQ, Open-ended Questions & Memo Writing Components of PSLE Chinese Comprehension.


After this short course, students can choose to continue with our ‘Final Lap to PSLE: Chinese Comprehension (6 Live Online Classes)! This helps to keep up the momentum in the final 6 weeks before the PSLE Chinese exams! 


Through the weekly practice and detailed marking by our teachers, your child will get to reinforce his/her learning by applying the strategies learnt in their answers.

Note: Your child is required to submit his/her comprehension for marking at the end of every week. Marked worksheets will be emailed back to him/her.


Session Timing:

PSLE Chinese Comprehension (Mind Stretcher) timing


PSLE Chinese Comprehension Run2 (Mind Stretcher)

Be ready. Be prepared.
Score in PSLE Chinese Comprehension. 

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