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PSLE Chinese Online Oral Bootcamp

PSLE Chinese Online Oral Bootcamp 2022

As the Chinese Oral Exam makes up 25% of the PSLE Chinese Exam score, how your child performs in the PSLE Chinese Oral Exam has a great impact on his/her final grade.


Get a total of 9 hours of Oral Lessons! – 7.5 hours on Reading Techniques & Video-Based Dialogue and 1.5 hours of individual testing and coaching.

Our 学汇乐 Chinese Teachers will also guide your child to practise exam-simulated passages/ themes for the ‘Reading Aloud‘ and ‘Video-based Conversationcomponents of the PSLE Chinese paper.

Detailed Notes and Models will be provided!




Fees (subject to GST):

(*Includes current MS/ Xue Hui Le 学汇乐 students in our regular weekly classes. Not applicable for bootcamps or short courses attendees.)


PSLE Chinese Online Oral Bootcamp 2022


MS Student*: CLICK HERE to register!

Non-MS Student: CLICK HERE to register!

BONUS: Add-on 3-Hr PSLE Chinese Oral Last Lap Webinar Workshop @ $25*

Held on:

7 Aug (Sun) | 3pm – 6pm

Notes on Summary of common PSLE Oral Topics & Scenarios, PSLE Chinese Oral Exam Conversation Techniques, & Exam Tips for impromptu response*


Here’s what our Students have got to share about their MS experience!

The feedback given to me during the PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp and the mock exams were very good and honest, which enabled me to find my weaker areas and improve on my answers. The teacher always tries to encourage us to be more participative in class, so that we can learn more and seize the opportunities to get feedback from her to improve our Oral Language ability. I find the mock exam particularly useful and I got to use the techniques taught in the Chinese Oral Bootcamp for my PSLE Chinese Oral Exam. The marks awarded in my mock exam gave me a good gauge of where I stood and how I could improve.

    – Chloey Low Xuan Qi (P6 MS Student who attended PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp)


I like the tips given by the teacher during the PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp, telling us how to answer when we come across the different formats of questions set (for varying topics). We were given specific information on what to say for each type of question and had sufficient practices for Reading and Oral Conversation components.

    – Fransiska Cayla Setiadi (P6 MS Student who attended PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp)


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