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PSLE Chinese Picture Composition (10 Live Online Classes)

PSLE Chinese Picture Composition by Mind Stretcher

Over 700 students attended our 学汇乐 PSLE Chinese Picture Composition edu-webinars over the last 2 years and benefited greatly from them! So don’t miss our brand new run for PSLE 2022!


In this 10-session online PSLE Chinese Picture Composition writing workshop, your child will make improvements in his/her composition writing through 学汇乐 Xue Hui Le’s proven 3-Step composition writing processcrafting the composition, receiving feedback & tips from 学汇乐 Master teachers & re-visiting the question to grasp key writing techniques.

Through a blend of theory and practice, your child will cultivate key exam skills and good writing techniques to write an engaging Chinese Picture Composition for school examinations and the PSLE. He/she will also get hands-on writing experience, so as to put what he/she has learnt into real practice. Through this process, a student will most definitely benefit and progress well in writing Chinese Picture compositions for the PSLE & beyond!


Note: Your child is required to submit his/her composition for marking at the end of every week. Marked compositions will be emailed back to him/her.

Materials will be provided for this course. These include worksheets (with Bonus Questions for students who would like to further challenge themselves in Chinese) & model compositions.

Session Schedule:

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PSLE Chinese Picture Composition by Mind Stretcher

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