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The Last Lap: PSLE English Oral Exam ‘Live’ Webinar Revision Edu-Workshop

Help guide your child in his/her LAST-MINUTE preparations for the 2021 PSLE English Oral Exam!


Many students & their parents have requested that we conduct a last-minute summary revision & demonstration of what is required for the PSLE English Oral Exam.  We hear you!

In this 6-hr PSLE English Oral workshop, Alvin Kuek (MS Co-Founder & English Master Teacher) and our Specialist English Teachers, will be covering the following:


a) PSLE Oral Exam Hacks

b) Reading techniques (R.E.A.P.) & demonstrating how to ace the READING component

c) Conversation techniques (P.E.E.R.S.) & demonstrating how to ace the Stimulus-Based Conversation (SBC) component

d) How to use the TWO Mind-Stretching Books (worth $100) – SBC Thematic Vocabulary & Models (21 Themes) – to revise & prepare for the PSLE Oral Exam.



MS or Xue Hui Le students: $80

Non-MS or Xue Hui Le Students: $180

*Complimentary for MS PSLE English Oral Bootcamp Students


MS Students: CLICK HERE to register now! 

Non-MS Students: CLICK HERE to register now!


**Books are to be collected at your preferred MS Centre.


What are you waiting for?

Sign up for a seat today and let us journey together with you to score well for the PSLE 2021!