PSLE Online Oral Bootcamp

The Oral examination is a test of effective communication. Learn to articulate your thoughts with confidence and flair, and boost your verbal abilities with our PSLE Online Oral Bootcamp! Each Oral Botcamp comprises over 10 hours of rigorous training/teaching, and personalised mock test sessions for students to receive targeted & constructive feedback. Elevate your oral skills & maximise your scores for the PSLE!


Workshop Highlights

Strong Team of Master Teachers

Mind Stretcher's Master Teachers provide invaluable insights on various teaching methodologies through their extensive years of experience in the education field.

Personalised and Interactive

With the webinar classes, students gain in-depth insight into reading techniques as well as receive invaluable feedback on their oral performance during the individual 1-1 coaching sessions. 

Tips for Students

As there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the oral examinations, our Master Teachers impart valuable knowledge and tactics on how to capitalize on one's strengths in order to score in the various components! 

What you are paying for

Incredible value at an affordable price

Fees (Per subject bootcamp, with GST)

302.40 SGD

AY2023 MS P6 Students 


Over 10 hours of rigorous training in each bootcamp with personalised feedback sessions to elevate every participant's oral abilities and maximise their potential! 


Fees (Per subject bootcamp, with GST)

388.80 SGD 

P6 Students


Over 10 hours of rigorous training in each bootcamp with personalised feedback sessions to elevate every participant's oral abilities and maximise their potential! 


Oral Bootcamp Schedule

(choose from either Run)

PSLE English Oral Bootcamp
Run 1
14, 15 & 16 Jun (Wed - Fri)
2pm – 4.30pm
Run 2
18 & 25 Jun & 2 Jul (Sun)
7pm – 9.30pm
PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp
Run 1
10, 12 & 13 Jun (Sat, Mon & Tue)
7pm – 9.30pm (Sat), 2pm – 4.30pm (Mon & Tue)
Run 2
17 & 24 Jun & 1 Jul (Sat)
7pm – 9.30pm
Bonus Segment
PSLE English Oral SBC Webinar-Workshop (7.5-hr)
23 & 30 Jul, & 6 Aug (3 Sun)
7pm – 9.30pm
PSLE Chinese Oral Last Lap Webinar-Workshop (3-hr)
5 Aug (Sat)
7pm – 10pm


English Oral Bootcamp
  • The R.E.A.P Strategy for ‘Reading Aloud’ & P.E.E.R.S Strategy for SBC
  • Overcoming common mistakes in the Oral Exam
  • Developing proficiency by focusing on the exam rubrics
  • 7.5 hrs of Webinar Classes on Reading Techniques & Tackling SBC (Reading - 2.5 hrs, SBC - 5hrs) 
  • 80 mins of individual Mock Exams (2 sessions x 40 mins)
Chinese Oral Bootcamp
  • All Question Types & Exam Skills for the PSLE Chinese Oral Exam
  • 7.5 hrs of Webinar Classes on Oral Practice & Coaching (Reading + Video-based Dialogue Practice)
  • 80 mins of individual Mock Exams (2 sessions x 40 mins)

PSLE English Oral SBC Workshop (7.5 hr)
  • Add-on 7.5-Hr PSLE English Oral SBC Webinar-Workshop @ $54* (Dissection & application of 30 SBC scenarios using our THREE SBC-focused books worth $345.60)
  • All the PSLE oral exam SBC scenarios were covered in our books for the past 4 years!
*Only applicable to students who have signed up for 2023 PSLE English Oral Bootcamp;
MS student: $162; Non-MS student: $345.60
All fees are inclusive of GST.
PSLE Chinese Oral Last Lap (3 hr)
  • Add-On 3-hr PSLE Chinese Oral Last Lap Webinar-Workshop @ $32.40* (original fees at $129.60)!
*Only applicable to students who have signed up for 2023 PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp;
MS student: $64.80; Non-MS student: $129.60
All fees are inclusive of GST.

Master teachers

Liu Lu
Chinese Master Teacher

As our Head of Chinese XHL, she possesses deep knowledge on exam scoring strategies, and keeps students well-engaged.

Jing Yan
Chinese Master Teacher

Well-versed in the teaching landscape with over 10 years of experience, Jing Yan cultivates her students' love for the Chinese language while developing their linguistic abilities.

Alvin Kuek
Mind Stretcher Co-Founder & Master Teacher

An ex-RI & RJC Asean Scholar, Alvin is a highly sought-after Teacher & Speaker. His passionate, engaging and effective delivery style has made him a huge favourite of many students and their parents, Alvin has taught, mentored and inspired thousands of students (including 3 President's Scholars) the past 15 years.

Mavis Tan
English Master Teacher

A former Secondary English and Literature Teacher before joining Mind Stretcher, she enjoys teaching students how to write interesting stories and create compelling characters.

Our testimonials

What our students & parents say about us

Mrs Shum is a very dedicated teacher. She has given me detailed feedback to improve my writing and her lessons are very engaging. I really appreciate the personalised feedback which helps me identify areas I should work on more. She goes the extra mile to share interesting facts every lesson which has helped expand my general knowledge in so many ways. With Mrs Shum's tips and MS Worksheets explaining how to master various components, I'm able to answer questions with greater confidence. Lastly, Mrs Shum cares deeply about our emotional well-being, and she always reminds us that trying our best is more important than the results.

I would like to thank the Chinese Language teacher very much for her effort, concern and encouragement for my child! He is very happy to be in her class and has enjoyed the Chinese Language lessons very much. He has tried his very best in the PSLE examination last year 2022 and his Chinese has improved. The constant encouragement from his Chinese Language teacher makes a difference and goes a long way!  Thank you Mr Kuek and all the teachers very much who has taught him and shared during the online bootcamp and the webinars! We really appreciate the effort, time, love and understanding put into preparation of the examination booklets and materials and staying behind after the online lessons to answer the students' questions! Wishing all the teachers and staff a very Happy blessed year 2023 ahead! 

Parents of U Hian
Dear Mrs Shum, thank you so much for all the guidance and support you’ve given me since i joined ms. Since i joined at a pretty late stage, i didn’t expect myself to acquire so much valuable knowledge that allowed me to learn English from a whole new perspective, as well as to perceive life in many different aspects. Thank you for always being so generous in sharing with us your personal experiences that engaged us during class, and making English such a fun subject for us explore the wonders of it! Thank you for taking the extra mile to further support me in English Literature as well, it really has been very useful!! It has truly been an eye-opening experience learning from you and I will remember these lessons as part of the unforgettable memories of learning in this subject❤️🥰

Mrs Shum is a caring teacher who is concerned about her students and their well-being. She has helped me improve in my English and has always been very caring towards me. She stresses on our mental health and has encouraged us a lot. Her teaching is amazing and i love how she shares interesting facts related to the topic we were studying and she exposed us to the basics of general paper too. To add, Mrs Shum gives specific feedback on our work which allowed us to know what we can improve on. The MS comprehension worksheets were also of great help as they allow me to know how to answer certain questions in a straightforward manner. Mrs Shum marks quite strictly which also further prepared me well for the O-levels where the marking is usually more lenient. As a result, I learnt how to do better and could gauge where i stand. Mrs Shum also made me realise that i was better in personal recount essays which allowed me to do well in the O-levels. Overall, MS worksheets were of great help and useful with specific tips and strategies. Thank you so much.

Sevvel Selvam
Hi Ms Mavis, I would like to thank you for the teaching. Your lessons are engaging and I can always focus on it. I still remember vividly your patience when answering all my questions. Even though I have a lot of questions, you still answer them using your best effort which I appreciate very much. You are a great teacher 👍 Thank you very much and wish you a great year ahead !

Tao Weiqi
Dear Mr Alvin, Just want to text you to say "Thank you for all you have done for all the kids! Elvyn scored AL6 for his 2022 PSLE!“ A special mention to Teacher Meili, Teacher Audrey, Teacher Ryan and 丁老师。Not only were they never annoyed by his endless questions and constant requests for ways to improve himself, they guided him and encouraged him to do more and better. We are so blessed to have met all of you! I had introduced friends to send their kids to MS and will surely help to promote MS in the future too!

Mother of Elvyn Ee
Hong Xiang has shown improvement in his Chinese comprehension by applying the skills he learned from the centre's teacher (Dr Wang). He is also more confident in solving and answering these questions. He is more committed to mastering the subject.

Parent of Ng Hong Xiang
Hi Mrs Shum, THANKS so much for offering these extra sessions. You are truly a very dedicated teacher full of passion for teaching and the children. Richard will happy to attend except 2 weeks in Dec when we are out of the country. Thank You once again!

Parent of Lee Jinn Wing Richard
I got 59 out of 67 for my English exam. It included grammer cloze, editing, comprehension cloze, synthesis and comprehension. Thanks for teaching us the techniques!

Mahek Paliwal
Dear Teacher Ryan.….. Thank you so much for the extra lessons, daily inspirational wisdom and all the efforts put in. Deeply appreciate it. Apologies for not being able to answer all your text messages in the past months. But we do and we're appreciative of your kind gestures to Jerome. It's now up to him to fight! Thanks again!

Parent of Ong Pin Yi Jerome
Definitely no doubt that he has improved significantly after he joined your EL class Mrs Shum. Its a blessing that he has gotten you as his Mind Stretcher EL teacher

Parent of Toh Jia Yang Kenneth
I came from China when I was in P5. Mind Stretcher English classes benefited me greatly. I also improved tremendously through the Oral Bootcamp classes. Through Mind Stretcher's help, I was able to achieve my dream grades for the 2021 PSLE and get into my dream school

Li Chengjun
Thanks a lot teacher... you are always motivating him. Because of you he got a good score for English

Parent of Shamik Karthik
We Would like to express our sincere thanks to Ms Rozi who taught our son Justin Lo High Achiever English @ East Campus MS. Ms Rozi is instrumental in Justin achieving A* in the 2018 PSLE English and furthering his interest in English. Ms Rozi is able to delve deep and be flexible in explaining difficult words/grammar concisely and continuously encouragees the students to read. She is also an engaging teacher whose passion and dedication is palpable in her lessons and interactions with students. We are very fortunate to have such a responsible and passionate teacher.

Parent of Lo Lit Jie Justin
Teacher Ryan is the best teacher we ever had who is very responsible and dedicated.We'd like to thank him not only because my son's English writing improved a lot, but also the spirit he conveys; you can really feel his passion for teaching and his love for the children.

Parent of Chen Chu Yu Anakin
I would like to thank Cheryl's P6 English Teacher Mrs Shum for asking her to re-attempt her composition questions every time. It really helps! I have never seen her getting such high marks(33.5) previously. While she may not be the best in class, I am comforted by her great improvement!

Parent of Ang Min Xuan Cheryl
Many questions that were asked during our Primary 6 English lessons in MS, were relevant to the questions tested in my school examinations, as well as in PSLE. Those lessons were extremely useful for I applied those techniques taught, in my PSLE. My MS teacher, Mrs Shum was very supportive and she always encouraged me, standing by my side during all tough times. As a result, I was able to obtain a score that was higher than I had expected.

Harini Sree
Dear Teacher Ryan, Thank you for everything you have done to help me learn and grow. I really enjoyed your lessons and looked forward to your classes.

Rezaul Aqeel Dhani Bin Mohd Rezuan
Hi Teacher, Bala here. I got 35/40 for my English Compo, thank you for your help!

Balaprathyush Damodharan
See more testimonials


If my child has a question, what can he/she do?
  • During the session, you can pose the questions in the webinar "Q&A" box or chat and our teachers will reply to you. If the question is commonly asked, our teachers will address it 'live'.
  • There will also be intervals throughout the session (depending on time) that parents and students may be asked to raise their hands and ask questions 'live'.
  • At the end of each session, you can also stay around to ask questions.
Will there be any materials provided?
  • Yes!
  • You will be notified via email once materials are ready for collection from your preferred MS centre (indicated at the point of registration)
  • We are present in over 20+ locations in Singapore, so check out our locations near you!
Considering my child's previous enrolment (i.e. ex-student), or recent registration for Mind Stretcher's Bootcamps / Short courses / Workshops / Webinars / Events, can we still enjoy special discounts or benefits as a returning participant?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer special discounts or benefits for returning participants at this time. 

Our MS student rates for any events are specifically reserved for students who attend our regular weekly programmes. They do not extend to ex-students, trial class students, and participants of our bootcamps, short courses, workshops, webinars, or events.  Should your child wish to attend our Edu-events at the exclusive MS student rate, you can enrol him/her in at least one of our regular weekly  programmes. That would then qualify your child as a MS student.

Can I cancel my registration if I change my mind?
  • No, all fees paid for any of our events are strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • If you have signed up and realise that your child is unable to attend the event, feel free to reach out to us for further assistance. 
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