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PSLE English Oral Bootcamp


The English Oral Exam makes up 15% of the PSLE English Exam score. Yet, putting enough preparation to ace the Oral Examinations – the low-hanging fruit – is often neglected by many students. Do you know that the difference between A and A* could lie in the jump in a grade-band in the Oral components?

In this PSLE Oral Exam Bootcamp, your child will have 9 hours of targeted practice of PSLE-stimulated passages and themes. Coached in a small class size of only 8 students, he/she will be able to have effective individual practices and feedback from the teacher. He/she will be equipped with effective tips and strategies that will help him/her score the top band in both the ‘Reading Aloud’ and ‘Stimulus-based Conversation’ components.  

To provide convenience for all students, this Oral Exam Bootcamp will be held at various Mind Stretcher (MS) Centres across Singapore.  Do check out the available time-slots at any MS Centre. 


Bootcamp Highlights:

  • Small class size (maximum 8 students) for effective individual practices and feedback
  • Daily practices with PSLE-simulated passages and themes
  • Targeted tips & strategies to score top band for both ‘Reading Aloud’ and ‘Stimulus-based Conversation’ 
  • Vocabulary Booster for a variety of topics & commonly-tested themes
  • Tips for good body language and anxiety-management to portray high self-confidence to Oral Examiners  


The following are the various time-slots available at each centre:


Head down to your preferred centre to register for a seat today! 

Click on this link for the contact information of our centres. 




So hurry and sign up register at the nearest Mind Stretcher Centre.