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Scoring 10/10 for Synthesis & Transformation

Due to the demand in this Synthesis and Transformation workshop, we will be having various runs of this workshop located at the different Mind Stretcher Centres island wide.  This is to ensure that convenience of learning is brought to all of our students and parents at the comfort of the centre near you. This workshop will be conducted in a small class size, unlike the previous 2 runs. This will enable your child will be able to have a more focused and effective session with the teacher.

Never lose marks in Synthesis & Transformation again! In this workshop, your P5 & P6 child will learn how to score for this component of the paper by learning how to understand, dissect and answer synthesis & transformation questions effectively! This workshop will be conducted by our Academic Director, Alvin Kuek, an experienced speaker and writer who has tutored hundreds of students (including two President Scholars) in English and creative writing, will be equipping your child with effective techniques to score full marks for the Synthesis and Transformation.  


Workshop Synopsis:

  • Understand how S&T is marked & tested
  • Learn to deconstruct tricky S&T questions and answer them accurately 
  • Common misconception/mistakes in S&T and how to avoid them
  • How to practice and ace this component 
  • Detailed S&T notes and hands-on activity worksheets will be provided 


The following shows the various date and time of the workshop held in the different centres:


For more details, kindly contact the respective centres for more information.

Click HERE for our contact details.


MS Student + Parent  $85.60
Non-MS Student + Parent  $107



So hurry and sign up online* BELOW or register at the nearest MS centre.  If you are an MS student, please register at any MS Centre to enjoy exclusive rates!