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Tackling Maths Problems in Real-World Context (Upper Sec)


The questions in Real-World Context (PRWC) has been the emphasis in the Mathematics O-Level examination. The ability to solve mathematics problems with real-life contexts is an important goal of Mathematics Learning. Although this question has a 10% weightage in the O-Level Mathematics Paper 2, students often find it difficult to solve this question. This is because students are unsure of which key information to choose to include in their calculations to give them the right value to justify their choice.

In this workshop, the problems explored will be based on everyday life applications such as questions based on travel plans, financial calculations and more. You will be taught how to interpret and analyse data from tables and graphs, followed by presenting the solution in context of the problem in a systematic manner to gain maximum marks to boost your score in the O-Level Examination. 

➡ Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore, we will be postponing all of our workshops and seminars until the situation stabilises. To receive priority updates of our future events, kindly indicate your interest @ http://bit.ly/2020-edu-events. Thank you for your understanding!

Seminar Synopsis:

  • Interpret and analyse data from tables and graphs
  • Justify assumptions and make use of the information provided to solve problems with context
  • Effectively tackle questions based on realistic scenarios


Who should attend?

  • Sec 3 & 4E/5N Students


Price of workshop:

  1. Online & MS Student – $64.20
  2. Non-MS Student – $90.60


The following are the details of the workshop at the various MS locations:

  1. MS Seletar 
  2. MS West Campus @ Grantral Mall
  3. MS Central Campus @ HDB Hub
  4. MS Woodlands 
  5. MS East Campus @ Tampines Junction