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Tackling the O-level Chinese Exam : Tips & Strategies

The O-Level Chinese exam is coming up soon in June! Are you well-prepared for it?

In this complimentary live webinar, receive the effective tips and strategies from our Head of 学汇乐 Mr. Kang Jian & his team of Chinese teachers to help you in your last lap preparation for the O-Level. 

Seminar Synopsis:

  • How to achieve full marks in the Reading Comprehension 1 section
  • Effective & efficient planning for argumentative essays
  • Insights to 2020 trending topics
  • Exam techniques for Oral


Seminar Synopsis

  • 阅读理解一高分技巧
  • 论说文的快速构思法
  • 2020年度热门话题
  • 口试的临场应对技巧




Session Timing:

1 Jun (Mon) | 4 pm – 6 pm



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