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Tackling Secondary 1 Subjects: Tips & Strategies [Run 2]

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As your teenage child transition into the new chapter of his life, there are many changes that he has to cope with. One of the more obvious change would be the academic change where he will be faced with more challenging topics in the various subjects. In this seminar, both you and your child will learn how to cope with the common difficulties faced by students in Secondary school subjects.

In this complimentary Subject Webinar series, our Secondary Master Teachers will share their insights and advice with you and your teenage child on what is needed to build a good foundation for core Sec 1 subjects like English & Literature, Maths, Science & Chinese / HCL. These core skills and advice are applicable to all O-Level and IP students. Format: 3 hrs / Subject webinar [12 hours in total over different sessions]


Complimentary Webinar


Seminar Synopsis:

  • Generic core skills needed for Secondary school subjects
  • Common difficulties encountered by Secondary students in these subjects
  • Establishing a strong foundation in English/Literature, Chinese, Maths, Science & Chinese  


Who should attend?

  • Sec 1 Students & Parents


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Tackling Secondary 1 Subjects Series Highlights:

Tackling Sec 1 Chinese/ Higher Chinese:  23 Jan (Sat) | 2.30 – 5.30 pm

  • 中学华文和高级华文的不同要求
    Main differences between Primary & Secondary Chinese and how to progress for the next 4 years
  • 中学华文和高级华文的不同要求
    Difference between the requirements for Chinese & Higher Chinese
  •  命题作文的挑战和写作思路
    Challenges faced by students in writing a topic-based essay and idea-generation for good story plots
  • 中学阅读理解的新挑战
    New challenges in Secondary Chinese Comprehension & how to overcome them
Tackling Sec 1 English & Literature: 24 Jan (Sun) | 2.30 – 5.30 pm

  • Why your A* in Primary English won’t get you an A for Secondary English
  • Difficulties faced by students in Secondary English
  • (Essay Writing, Varied Comprehension Types, Knowledge Accumulation, Language & Literary Devices)
  • Why students fail in Literature, and ways to handle this difficult subject
  • The importance of grammar & expanding your arsenal of words/phrases
  • The overarching reach of English and its implications for subjects like History, Geography & Social Studies
Tackling Sec 1 Maths: 30 Jan (Sat) | 2.30 – 5.30 pm

  • Heuristics Model Drawings vs Algebraic Method of Problem Solving
  • Main Differences between Common Topics of P6 and S1 e.g. HCF, LCM, Number Patterns, Ratio, Rate & Percentage etc.
  • Transition to Sec School Objectives– Emphasis on writing mathematical explanations & reasoning
  • What to expect for the Secondary Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment formats
Tackling Sec 1 Science: 31 Jan (Sun) | 2.30 – 5.30 pm

  • Overview of Lower Secondary Science
  • Differences between Primary Science & Lower Secondary Science
  • Tips & strategies in tackling Secondary 1 Science
  • Studying & building a strong foundation for Secondary Science


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Here’s what our very own MS alumni have to say about our programmes!

Here's MS alumni have to say about our programmes!

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