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What are my options after the O-Level? (Run 3)

What are my options after the O-Level? (Run 3)

The O-Level is over, What’s Next?




The completion of the O-Level marks the start of the Next Big Step in your education journey. There are various pathways that you can take after graduating from secondary school – Junior College, Polytechnic or others, but which is the best option?


In this complimentary 2 hrs Edu-Webinar, Mr Alvin Kuek, MS Co-Founder, will be sharing his insights & advice on the various pathways so that students can make a sound decision for the Next Big Step.


What are my options after the O-Level? (Run 3)

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Here’s what our Students have got to share about their MS experience!

One thing good about Mind Stretcher material is that it’s always up to date and are always aligned with MOE Syllabus. They also provide useful vocabulary lists & short descriptive phrases that are good to use in essays to score those bonus points.” 

Ma Yuxiao (Serangoon Secondary School)
Scored 8As in 2019 GCE O-Level


Philip Tse (Bukit Panjang Govt High School) & Leemah Bisht (Loyang SecSchool)
– Scored 8’A’s & 7’A’s respectively for 2017 G.C.E. O-Level Exams.


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