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Writing Secrets – Nurturing your Child to be an A* Composition Writer

In this webinar workshop, our English Expert & MS Co-Founder, Alvin Kuek, will share his insights with you on how to develop your child’s writing skills and what it takes to be an A* composition writer. Having taught, mentored and nurtured thousands of good student writers for the last 15 years, Alvin will show you simple, yet effective, techniques on how a child can transform himself from a budding writer to a great one!
  • What it takes to write well
  • The secrets to writing well is using SAMAV effectively 
  • Transforming a mundane sentence into an A* sentence 
  • Transforming a mundane paragraph into an A* paragraph
  • Dissection of a well-written composition piece
  • Tips & Techniques – How to develop your child’s writing skills 



Session Timing:

20 Jun (Sat) | 2.30 pm – 5.30 pm


MS Student ($37.45) – CLICK HERE to register for your seat! 

Non-MS Student ($74.90)  – CLICK HERE to register for your seat! 


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