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Prepare for PSLE 2024 with our four flagship PSLE revision bootcamps taking place from May to September. Each year, thousands of P6 students benefit from our PSLE bootcamps and achieve outstanding PSLE academic results. Enjoy up to 30% off our bootcamps with our highly-attractive price bundles, only available till end June.

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What's In The Bundle


PSLE Power Up Online Bootcamp

Our highly-popular PSLE Power Up Bootcamp is designed to help your child revise PSLE content and practise crucial PSLE exam skills. With over 40 hours of lessons taught by our academic specialists, over 300 pages of our latest PSLE Power Up revision materials, PSLE practice papers and live Q&A walkthroughs, motivational segment for students, and parent briefings, this value-packed bootcamp provides your child with everything they need to prepare well for PSLE.


PSLE English Oral Online Bootcamp

Our PSLE English Oral Bootcamp prepares your child thoroughly for the crucial 15%-weighted exam component. We tackle potential PSLE oral exam topics and scenarios, reinforce effective oral exam techniques, and provide 3 volumes of our PSLE Oral Books for comprehensive revision. Your child will also benefit immensely from the 1-to-1 mock tests with our teachers under exam-simulated conditions. With our bootcamp, your child will be primed to excel in the PSLE English Oral exam.


PSLE Chinese Oral Online Bootcamp

Our PSLE Chinese Oral Bootcamp primes your child for success for the 25%-weighted exam component. We deep dive into PSLE Chinese Oral common topics and scenarios, reinforce proven reading and conversational techniques, and provide effective frameworks for impromptu responses for the Video-Based Conversation segment. With our 1-to-1 mock tests, your child also practises under exam-simulated conditions to perform optimally in the real exam.


PSLE Last Lap Online Bootcamp

The PSLE Last Lap Bootcamp is geared towards equipping your child with everything they need for their final sprint to PSLE. Expect timely reinforcement of key concepts and exam strategies, targeted PSLE revision in specific exam components, comprehensive Last Lap practice sets, and the necessary support from our academic specialists to set your child up for PSLE success.


Complimentary PSLE Revision Books

These PSLE revision books are packed with valuable PSLE content, common PSLE topics and questions, exam tips and strategies, and comprehensive practices that you need to prepare well for PSLE. Compiled and curated by our team of highly-experienced academic specialists, these books are yours (for free) when you register for any Journey to PSLE Bootcamp Bundle!

Our 2023 PSLE Track Record


65% of our students scored AL1 and AL2 for MS subjects


1 in 2 achieved PSLE score of 8 and lower


Many enjoy placements to the schools of their choice


Bootcamp Timing

Power Up


Bundle Pricing

Standard (20% Savings)

Hear From Our Students


The PSLE Power Up Bootcamp helped me remember the commonly-tested questions and reinforce my answering techniques. The teachers are all very experienced. Many good points and interesting exam-solving tricks were provided during the bootcamp.


Krishna Bhatia,

NUS High


The PSLE bootcamps consolidated the most important concepts and allowed me focus on important areas for PSLE preparations. It focused on the harder questions, so there’s enough practice with difficult questions and that helped to boost my confidence.


Giselle Tay,


Up to 30% savings

Save as you learn! Enjoy up to 30% savings with our bootcamp bundles, available till end June only.